Linda: Healthier body image

Success Story: Linda - Denver, Colorado

“Slowly and sensibly” is how Linda wanted to approach her two primary goals: losing 20 pounds and gaining a better handle on her overall health. Consultations with a physician, nutritionist and exercise physiologist during her week at Canyon Ranch gave her clear direction and encouragement. “I feel confident I can be in charge,” she says today.

With the knowledge gained during her Ranch stay, including notes from her one-on-one sessions and workshops, as well as Canyon Ranch recipes, Linda follows a healthier diet and has cut out all alcohol. She is proud that her clothes fit much better these days. Admitting to an occasional lapse – two slices of pizza instead of one, for example – she reports overall marked improvements including “self-esteem that comes from self-discipline, better health, and fewer negative feelings about my body image.”

“My blood pressure has also dropped back to a healthy norm,” says Linda. She exercises six days a week – three days of Pilates and three days of strength training. Once she has resolved some temporary injuries and time constraints, she plans to follow the exercise physiologist’s recommendation to add aerobic exercise to her regimen. Meanwhile, Linda feels good, and she’s enjoying the results of increased lean body mass: “The rolls of fat below my breasts and above my waistline have all but disappeared.”