Elizabeth: Peace of mind

Success Story: Elizabeth - Covington, Kentucky

The best thing about achieving a desired weight loss goal, according to Elizabeth, is “feeling lighter from the inside out.”

Elizabeth had shed eight pounds in the weeks prior to her week at Canyon Ranch, but she still felt there were things left to do. “I wanted to make sure that my eating habits were on track,” she says. Plus, she craved advice on maintaining better overall health.

Elizabeth says she loved the Weight Loss Program and can’t wait to return to Tucson. Meanwhile, she follows her nutritionist’s recommended eating plan, practices yoga and is looking and feeling better these days.

Elizabeth’s doctor was amazed when her cholesterol numbers started to drop. So far, her overall blood cholesterol level is down to 174 (from 202). “My clothes fit much better now,” she says. “Not feeling the muffin hang over the top of my pants – it’s inspiring and boosts my confidence!”

Her biggest temptation is ice cream, but Elizabeth stays on track by stopping to weigh the value of instant gratification against “the long-term hassle of dealing with the aftermath.” Instead, she’ll reach for her favorite healthy snack, Greek yogurt and almonds.

Her most valuable takeaway from the Ranch? “The peace of mind that I brought home.”