Program Features

The Canyon Ranch Weight Loss Program at the Life Enhancement Center® was created in response to guests who sought a structured weight-loss experience of one week or longer, under the guidance of Canyon Ranch lifestyle and integrative health professionals. The program is led by distinguished Canyon Ranch physicians Param Dedhia, M.D., and Canyon Ranch in Tucson Medical Director Stephen Brewer, M.D., experts in positive lifestyle change.

The result is the best of both worlds: both structure and opportunities for fun and discovery. At Canyon Ranch, all the ingredients are in place for the enjoyment of life’s healthy pleasures – and you’ll be invited to explore it all.

Through private consultations and a detailed schedule of classes and group activities you’ll expand your understanding of healthy living and establish the habits you need to reach your goals. Plus you'll have plenty of opportunities to savor our healthy gourmet cuisine, relax by the pool, or pamper yourself with a luxurious spa treatment.

The depth and whole-person approach of the Canyon Ranch Weight Loss Program is unique. No other weight loss program offers:

  • a hard-to-find Resting Metabolic Rate test, along with follow-up nutrition consultation for review and planning. This test reveals how many calories you burn at rest; rates your metabolism as normal, slow or fast; and provides specific guidelines to assist you in reaching your goal weight. It’s the most valuable assessment and analysis for anyone who wants to lose weight.
  • opportunities for each participant to receive a customized eating and exercise plan based on individual health assessments and medical evaluations.
  • informative talks on leading-edge health and wellness topics, led by our integrative health professionals.
  • facilitated group discussions focusing on awareness, challenges and successful strategies for lasting weight loss and overall health.
  • support, guidance and planning provided to each participant (both prior to arrival and throughout their stay) by Life Enhancement Program Advisors and nurse educators.
  • available Coaching at Home services to use after you leave.
  • an incredible setting for group activities: the beautiful Life Enhancement Center, with its private fitness, dining, classroom and locker facilities.

You won’t find this level of individualized support, science-based information and life management tools anywhere else. Canyon Ranch has the ultimate program for anyone in search of effective healthy weight strategies to last a lifetime.

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*Follow-up sessions available only with package stays. Subject to change without notice and based on space availability. Minimum stay and other restrictions may apply.