Presentations & Workshops

As a Canyon Ranch Weight Loss Program participant you will benefit from the in-depth knowledge and experience of Ranch professionals, and will return home with all the understanding and tools you need to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. The schedule of presentations and experiential sessions includes:

  • Exercise Strategies for Weight Loss
  • Optimal Weight Loss: The Medical Approach
  • Designing Your Exercise Plan
  • Maximize Your Metabolism
  • Practical Portions
  • Chinese Medicine for Weight Loss
  • Figuring It Out for Myself: Weight Literacy
  • What's in Your Pantry?
  • Exercise for Weight Loss
  • Living Younger Longer
  • Charting Your Success

Dynamic and inspiring Canyon Ranch Founder Mel Zuckerman will also personally share his story during each program week (based on his availability).

"Losing weight and becoming active changed my life profoundly, and created change in the world, as well, because it led to the founding of Canyon Ranch. There is no way to exaggerate the difference that sustainable weight loss can make in an individual’s health, in how a person feels and what a person can accomplish."
 – Mel Zuckerman, Canyon Ranch Founder and Chairman

Programing is led by the following Canyon Ranch experts:

  • Stephen Brewer, M.D., Tucson Medical Director, Program Leader
  • Param Dedhia, M.D., Program Leader
  • Ann Pardo, M.S., L.P.C., Director of Life Management
  • Lisa Powell, M.S., R.D., Director of Nutrition
  • Mike Siemens, M.S., Director of Exercise Physiology

Note: Presentation and workshop topics are subject to change.