A Weekend of Reflection

December 28, 2014 to January 1, 2015

Life is richer when you take time for contemplation, appreciate all you have and pursue spiritual growth. Special guest Rev. Kim Crawford Harvie, distinguished alumna of Harvard Divinity School, nonprofit founder, and active community servant, offers presentations sharing insights and inspiration to help you along your inner path:

December 28. Sunday Stroll with Poetry & Reflection. Enjoy an uplifitng walk with Reverend Kim in beautiful nearby Sabino Canyon.  Brief, refreshing stops for poetry, reflection and Native American flute music will make this experience especially inspiring.

December 30. Spirituality Talk: Don’t Worry!  Worrying tends to be the problem, not the solution. Reverend Kim will share insights and strategies to help you integrate spirituality into everyday life to experience less stress and more happiness. Following this talk, Reverend Kim, who is also a world-class addiction recovery leader, will host the 5 pm Overcoming Addictions meeting; everyone is welcome.

January 1. New Year’s Morning Meditation. In the peaceful Canyon Ranch Sanctuary, join Reverend Kim to welcome 2015 with silent meditation, beautiful poetry and the willingness to let go, welcome change and set intentions.