Celebrate 25 Years: Life Enhancement Center

May 1, 2013 to May 31, 2013

Since 1988, thousands of guests have made positive, lasting lifestyle changes through weeklong healthy living programs at the Life Enhancement Center® (LEC) in Tucson. Many people refer to this beautiful, self-contained facility as the heart of Canyon Ranch, and you’ll have plenty of chances to find out why throughout May.

Activities and special presentations will focus on 25 years of advancements in health and healing. Guest speakers will include fitness icon Jane Fonda and Founding Director of LEC Dan Baker, Ph.D., happiness experts Gary Frost, Ph.D., and Doug Smith, M.B.A., and the first Executive Fitness Director of Canyon Ranch, Karma Kientzler.

All resort guests will be welcome at daily wellness presentations and at Canyon Ranch Founder Mel Zuckerman’s inspiring talk, Living Younger Longer.  Guests who tour LEC during this anniversary month will receive a free copy of Mel’s book, The Restless Visionary.

25th Anniversary, 25% Savings! Celebrate our LEC anniversary with us and save 25% on a life-changing, weeklong experience.