Prescription For Yoga

According to the principles of yoga therapy, illness, injury and stress indicate a need for greater balance in mind, body and spirit. These sessions help you find balance through pranayama (breathing practices), asanas (poses), meditation, mudras (hand gestures) and other classic techniques. Taking into consideration any physical limitations you may have, an instructor helps you formulate goals specific to your dosha (physical constitution). When you schedule this service, your Program Advisor will provide you with an ayurvedic assessment form for you to complete and bring to your first session.

Part I – During the first session, an instructor trained in yoga therapy will help you evaluate any postural imbalances, your stress and energy levels and lifestyle. Using classic evaluative techniques, including body-awareness scans and breath-awareness exercises, your instructor will guide you through a journey of self-discovery.

Part II – Your instructor selects, adapts and modifies the classic tools of yoga to facilitate a yoga session customized to your ayurvedic constitution and goals. Your session may include centering techniques, breathing practices, mudras, asanas, relaxation exercises and meditation techniques.

Service Option 
$250 for Parts I and II