Healthy, Lasting Weight Loss

Sustainable Weight Loss – The Canyon Ranch Way

If you're ready for a proven, science-based program for healthy weight loss, lifelong weight maintenance and a healthier, more vibrant life, the Canyon Ranch Weight Loss Program at the Life Enhancement Center® at Canyon Ranch in Tucson is for you. In a warm, accepting atmosphere, surrounded by every possible resource for self-transformation, you can get started down the path to a healthy weight and a more balanced life.

Weight Loss Program for Lasting Success

The Canyon Ranch Weight Loss Program has helped hundreds of people to live better by making sustainable, healthy changes in the way they live every day. Features of this comprehensive, individualized, physician-supervised 7- or 14-day program include:

  • A hard-to-find Resting Metabolic Rate test, along with follow-up nutrition consultation for review and planning. This non-invasive test, which accurately measures the rate at which you burn calories at rest, is the most valuable assessment available for anyone who wants to lose weight.
  • Extensive lab testing.
  • Presentations, experiential sessions and consultations with a team of integrative medicine experts, including a physician, exercise physiologist, nutritionist, licensed therapist, alternative medicine expert and more.
  • Healthy, gourmet Canyon Ranch cuisine, take-home recipes and personalized eating plan.
  • Complete access to spectacular spa and gym facilities and dozens of fitness classes and outdoor activities daily.
  • Supportive, structured group experience fostering camaraderie and friendship.
  • Personalized program design with integrative health experts, including exercise and nutrition professionals.

Explore the rewards of living a healthier, longer, more vibrant life –
while enjoying the limitless pleasures and possibilities of award-winning Canyon Ranch.

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