Muscle Function Assessment

Muscle strength and coordination differences between one side of the body and the other can significantly impact quality of life, future injury risk and athletic performance. This service is very valuable to individuals who are pre- or post-surgery, and for post-injury rehabilitation since it improves not only muscle strength, but also neurological communication between brain and muscle. An exercise physiologist will use our sophisticated suite of Monitored Rehab Systems (MRS) machines to objectively measure the performance of up to two muscle groups, comparing the strength and coordination of one side of your body to the other. You will be shown exercises and training on the MRS equipment in addition to exercises you can do at home. A full printout of test results and customized training program are included.

Note: Burdenko Water Exercise or Burdenko Land Exercise is an excellent follow-up to this service.

Service Option 
$180 for 50 minutes