Metabolic Exercise Assessment

What is your aerobic fitness level (VO2 max)? How many calories do you really burn when you work out? Find out, and learn to maximize your exercise potential. This service is recommended for people who want to change body composition, increase stamina and fitness or improve sports performance.

Part I – An exercise physiologist administers a submaximal exercise test while you exercise on your choice of cardiovascular exercise equipment: elliptical trainer, rowing machine, stationary bike or treadmill. 50 minutes.

Note: This test cannot be performed in a pool.

Part II – After analyzing the data, your exercise physiologist will explain your results and design an exercise program to maximize your workout and enhance your training program. Learn your VO2 maximum, anaerobic threshold, calories burned, maximum heart-rate, your target heart-rate zone, how to perform interval training and fat versus carbohydrate burn. 50 minutes.

Service Option 
$360 for Parts I and II