Specialty Services

Our superb staff is here to help you feel better and move more freely – get assessed by the best.

Chiropractic Services

Our doctors of chiropractic medicine can help with neck and back pain, extremity and joint disorders, and sports-related injuries. Initial visit includes a history and brief examination before treatment.

  • fees vary
Musculoskeletal Consultation

Do you have pain or a problem with the function and range of motion in a joint or muscle? Have you been injured? Do you have a question about how exercise or sports may affect a pre-existing medical condition? A physician evaluates your condition using a history and targeted physical examination, and directs you to the activities and services that best restore your body to normal mechanics. A 25-minute session is recommended for single-joint problems, 50 minutes for more complex issues. The physician will advise you about any diagnostic tests that may be necessary.

  • $245 for 25 minutes
    $450 for 50 minutes
Physical Therapy

Learn to use the body you were born with more efficiently and comfortably. A physical therapist evaluates your muscle length, strength, posture and alignment. Learn therapeutic exercises that help you improve functional strength and posture, recover from injury or surgery, reduce chronic pain, or rehabilitate chronic neurological or orthopedic conditions. If you’ve been told to just live with it, or you think you should be better by now, try this. A home exercise program and self-correcting techniques will be provided if appropriate. More than one session may be helpful.

  • $195 for 50 minutes

Address concerns about your feet. Have an evaluation and treatment and get a take-home plan for foot problems related to bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, circulation, nerves and skin (including corns, calluses, warts and blisters).

  • $175 for 25 minutes
    $340 for 50 minutes