Transformation From Within

We offer a variety of fascinating ways to explore your inner world.

Equine Inspirations

Experience the powerful energy of the deep spiritual connection between horse and human in this immersive workshop with Allan Hamilton, MD, Harvard-trained brain surgeon and author of the award-winning book Zen Mind, Zen Horse. The program was developed by Dr. Hamilton and is based on a system of ground-based work with horses. By engaging right-brain (intuitive) function in your interactions with the horse, you’ll focus on personal growth, creativity and spiritual enlightenment. No previous experience with horses is required and riding is not part of the program.

Note: Transportation included; 3 hours including travel.

  • Group session (limit 10): $400 per person
    Private session: $375 for 60 minutes
    Private session: $600 for 120 minutes
Charting Your Inner Life

Putting your inner world into visual form can be a surprisingly powerful exercise that can yield far-reaching insight. We offer several types of “mapping” that can enhance your understanding of where you came from, where you are and where you’re headed. Use this service to explore family dynamics and emotional patterns, and/or brainstorm during life transitions. Available techniques include genograms, life maps, graphic self-assessments, journaling techniques and creative time-lining tools.

  • $160 for 50 minutes

Have you ever wanted to connect with your ancestors? An expert genealogist will guide you in creating your family tree or finding a specific ancestor. You’ll also learn how to chart, prove and share your genealogy, and you will receive a detailed folder with copies of all documentation found.

Part I – 25-minute consultation to discuss your goals and the scope of your search.

Part II – The genealogist conducts your research (you need not attend).

Part III – 25-minute follow-up to discuss results.
Note: These session times can be modified to accommodate your specific genealogy needs.
  • $220 for 50 minutes
Genealogy Expanded Research
Delve deeper into your genealogy with an additional session. Note: This session is only available to guests who have had a genealogy service in the past 12 months.
  • $120 for 50 minutes

Hypnosis is a natural phenomenon of the mind that increases openness to positive change. Some common applications include habit management, smoking cessation, sleep improvement, stress reduction, athletic and work performance, attitude change, childbirth, personal growth, inner-child work, and grief and loss. The session includes physical and mental relaxation, imagery, and suggestions for healthy transformation. Multiple sessions may be useful in achieving specific goals.

  • $185 for 50 minutes
    $370 for 100 minutes
Look Into Your Psyche

This is an enjoyable and fascinating way to learn about your inner self. By selecting cards to create symbol and color combinations, you’ll get insight into what underlies your current attitudes, actions and feelings. The consultation can be as lighthearted or profound as you choose.

  • $160 for 50 minutes
Personal Harmony

How well do your belief systems support your health behaviors? How do your values, both spiritual and emotional, reflect your inner peace? In this session, you will look at creating a value-based roadmap for living a little more seamlessly with greater clarity and more intermingling of self and spirit.

  • $160 for 50 minutes
Sand Tray

Sand tray self-exploration is a fun and fascinating form of non-verbal expression. In a sand box you will create a scenario with figures symbolizing your unconscious insights. You can take this depiction into a conversation with a therapist that includes dynamics of your situation, the contents of your psychological foreground and possibilities for new behavior, new reactions and new ways of thinking. Your experience can be focused on one of these areas:

  • Spirituality
  • Weight Issues
  • Relationships
  • Transitions
  • $160 for 50 minutes
Sound & Harmony

Music and the sounds of nature evoke memory, emotion, awareness and relaxation, and science has shown that specially designed sound programs can gently and powerfully assist you in attaining optimal states of clarity and calm. Our vibroacoustic sound chair allows you to both hear and feel scientifically composed soundscapes that will harmonize your inner world. Your session will be personalized to evoke the mental state you desire, and you will receive a take-home CD. The focus can be on one of the following:

  • Creativity – Experience clarity and heightened power to create.
  • Relaxation – Melt into a state of serene, meditative calm.
  • Sleep – Slip into deep relaxation leading to restful sleep.
  • $200 for 50 minutes