Lifetime Nutrition

It’s easy to eat right at the Ranch, but what happens after you leave? Our nutritionists can show you how to make great food choices every day.

Build A Healthy Pantry
With marketing messages and label claims, it can be confusing trying to sort through food products to choose the best ones for you. Learn to interpret food labels and evaluate products, so you can create healthy balanced meals for yourself or your family. In this session, a nutritionist will guide you toward the healthiest food products, and provide you with shopping lists and menu-planning guides.
  • $140 for 50 minutes
Eating for Energy

Your energy level is directly linked to your eating patterns and food choices. If you don’t have the energy you need, your diet may be one reason. Learn strategies to boost your energy level and vitality.

Note: If you have health issues, please schedule a Healing Foods consultation.

  • $140 for 50 minutes
Fastest Meals Imaginable

Do you want to feed yourself or your family well, but have little time to cook? This idea-packed session will help you create a repertoire of fast, easy, delicious and well-balanced meals. You’ll take home a cookbook with quick meal and snack ideas, shopping lists and recipes created with convenience, flavor and nutrition in mind. (This is not a cooking class.)

  • $140 for 50 minutes
Healthy Eating Consultation

Want to maintain or improve your healthy eating patterns? Get expert advice from a nutritionist. Frequently addressed topics include:

  • Dining on the Go
  • Eating for Exercise
  • Eating Well at College
  • Feeding Healthy Kids
  • Practical Portions
  • Sleep
  • Stress
  • Underweight
  • Vegan Diets
  • Vegetarian Diets

Note: If you have health issues, please schedule a Healing Foods consultation.

  • $140 for 50 minutes
Menus by Design

The ultimate in custom take-home menu design. A Canyon Ranch nutritionist assesses your needs, lifestyle and goals, then produces a tasty, balanced, customized menu cycle, complete with recipes, to meet your individual nutritional needs and preferences. Your custom menus may address insulin resistance, diabetes or heart disease; food allergies or sensitivities; healthy weight-management; eating for optimal health and well-being; or any other concern you may have. Your nutritionist can create menu cycles for one, two or more weeks. 

Note: Includes only initial consultation with a nutritionist. Final cost varies depending on the length and complexity of menus. Suggested menus will be custom-prepared and delivered to you.

  • fees vary
Nutrition for Detox
Pesticides, mercury, chemical additives and preservatives – sometimes it seems like you can’t trust the food supply these days. Learn to minimize your exposure to unhealthy chemicals in food and maximize your body’s detoxification processes to
provide the best protection for you and your family. Explore Canyon Ranch cleaneating guidelines, emphasizing minimally processed, organic, local and sustainable ingredients.
  • $140 for 50 minutes