Healthy Food

Canyon Ranch chefs will delight your palate with award-winning healthy cuisine. You’ll dine on flavorful meals of fresh seasonal selections made, whenever possible, with organic, local and sustainable ingredients. Enjoy a balanced snack menu and fabulous desserts too!

Since your Canyon Ranch vacation is all-inclusive and all about health, our menus list the calorie count and the carbohydrate, protein, fat, fiber and salt content of each dish instead of prices.

At Canyon Ranch, our cuisine emphasizes healthy eating with:

Quality Carbs & Fiber
Meals focus on healthy carb-rich vegetables, fruits, legumes and moderate portions of whole grains.

Protein Power
All meals, including vegetarian options, are balanced with protein-rich food.

Healthy Fats
We use fats that are beneficial to health, including extra-virgin olive oil, canola oil and omega-3 fatty acids. We have never used trans fats or other artificial ingredients in our cooking.

Salt Sense
Our food is seasoned with herbs and spices to keep the use of salt at a minimum.

Sweetener Savvy
We use a variety of sweeteners in moderation; we do not use artificial sweeteners.