Golf Physical

Part 1 – In the first session of this state-of-the-art offering, our PGA professionals use the latest technology to provide a focused assessment of four aspects of fitness as they relate to your game. Test one: Strength – swing speed is measured via precise sensor computerization. Test two: Flexibility – golf-specific rotation is measured. Test three: Posture – our video technology reviews critical aspects of posture. Test four: Balance – the latest force-plate technology analyzes swing balance/imbalance from beginning to end. You’ll take home detailed test results.  50 minutes.

Part II – Our PGA professionals use your first-session test results to provide you with a swing exercise program designed specifically for you. A summary video file of your program will be emailed to you so you can continue polishing your game at home. 50 minutes.

Service Option 
$300 for Parts I and II