Primitive Technology

Learn timeless survival skills and hone your senses as you connect with the ways and wisdom of our ancestors.

Reconnect with your primal self through the ancient skills used by our forebears. As you learn how to survive with no modern tools or gear, from making stone tools to making fire, you'll discover a new sense of accomplishment and self-reliance. It's a journey of self-discovery like no other.

Animal Tracking
Which creature made those tracks – and what was it doing? Learn how to follow and interpret animal tracks in the desert, and discover which other signs can show you that critters have passed through the area.
  • $95 times vary
Arrowhead Artistry
Learn how to turn a flake of obsidian into an arrowhead, by replicating techniques used in ancient cultures to make refined tools for the hunt.
  • $95 times vary
Native Awareness
Develop your outdoor senses. You’ll learn awareness exercises and mobile meditation techniques and discover how to sharpen your visual senses, as you hone your awareness skills in a natural setting.
  • complimentary
Primitive Fire-Making
Learn how to coax a hot coal from hand-hewn sticks with this most exciting of outdoors skills. Experience a true Aha! moment as you connect with the primal thrill of creating fire.
  • complimentary