High Ropes Adventures

It’s daring, fun and thrilling! Discover new things about yourself and how you perceive risk. Three separate activities are offered, and the challenges you face on the course will connect to daily life. You’ll learn about your performance under pressure, communication skills and your ability to give and receive support. And you’ll just plain have a blast!

Please contact Outdoor Sports at Ext. 4355 for more information.

High Ropes Challenge Course

Tackle our High Ropes Challenge Course – with the guidance of our knowledgeable staff. The course, which includes a giant swing, offers many routes and is highly interactive. You make all the decisions about starting, engaging and ending your adventure. Minimum two, maximum eight people.

  • $225 for 2 to 4 hours
Aerial Adventure/Zipline

Try something new, push your boundaries, improve your self-confidence and just plain have fun as our staff guides you safely through a high-flying adventure on our Zipline.

  • $100 for 90 minutes
Climbing For Fitness

Climb our rock wall for a great workout! It’s fun, burns mega-calories and builds functional strength as you work every major muscle group. And it’s great for beginning to intermediate climbers – challenge yourself on a variety of routes. Clinics and private sessions available.

  • $145 for 120 minutes