Sports & Outdoors

If you’re itching to move ahead as an overall athlete or in a chosen sport, there’s a “dream team” at Canyon Ranch waiting to help you. The year-round beauty of the spectacular Sonoran Desert is the inspiring setting for individual and group outdoor activities led by experienced guides and instructors. 

A variety of bikes – comfort, hybrid, road and mountain – are available for complimentary use.

Hiking is an ideal way to pursue fitness while enjoying the strikingly diverse natural beauty.

Learn timeless survival skills and hone your senses as you connect with the ways and wisdom of our ancestors.

It’s daring, fun and thrilling! Discover new things about yourself and how you perceive risk.

Swing a racquet, have fun and hone your technique in the popular fast-paced sports of tennis or pickleball.

Experience golf the Canyon Ranch way with PGA pros in our 3,400-square-foot Golf Performance Center.