Movement For Life

Canyon Ranch Movement for life

Get stronger, leaner and more flexible – in both mind and body.

Aerial Pilates

This playful Pilates session incorporates a fabric hammock suspended from the ceiling. Experience creative variations of Reformer and mat exercises designed to strengthen and lengthen your entire body. See This Week at Canyon Ranch for group clinic opportunities.

  • $135 for 50 minutes

This famous mental and physical conditioning system uses specially designed equipment to strengthen and stretch the whole physique. It reshapes and aligns, builds true core strength (fast!), increases flexibility, improves posture and coordination and promotes a healthy, focused mind. Everyone from athletes to those with chronic pain or limitations can benefit from expert instruction in Pilates.

  • $135 for 50 minutes (individual)
Pilates Duet

Share a session with a friend, partner, parent or child. (Ideally, you should both be at roughly the same level.)

  • $210 for 50 minutes
Pilates Small Group Session

Share a session with three to five friends. You can tailor your private class to include the many different pieces of equipment available to you in our Movement Therapy Studio.

  • $90 per person for 50 minutes
Pilates Large Group Session

Share a session with six or more friends. Your private class can be designed to suit your needs, including the use of any of the equipment available in our Movement Therapy Studio.

  • $495 for 50 minutes
Pilates Clinics

Take your Pilates practice to a new level – or experience Pilates for the first time in an exciting group setting. Various clinics are offered throughout the week, focusing on beginning, intermediate or advanced practitioners, or even activities such as Jump Boards and Wunda Chairs. Please call or stop by Program Advising for more information or to sign up.

  • $85 for 50 minutes
Gyrotonic Expansion System®

The word GYROTONIC® is derived from the words “gyro” (meaning spiral or circle) and “tonic” (meaning toning or invigorating). The Gyrotonic method is a revolutionary system of exercise that unlocks the rejuvenating powers of the body. The Gyrotonic machine guides and supports the whole body through a series of spiraling and undulating movements designed to systematically open the joints, integrate the spine and strengthen the muscles.


Note: GYROTONIC® and GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® are registered trademarks of Gyrotonic Sales Corp. and are used with their permission.

  • $135 for 50 minutes (individual)
Gyrotonic Expansion System® Duet
Share a session with a friend, partner, parent or child. (Ideally, you should both be at the same level.)
  • $210 for 50 minutes
Good Posture For Life

Your posture affects how you think and feel and how others perceive you. Good posture is an expression of intrinsic confidence and grace, and it prevents muscular tightness and pain. In this session, your posture and gait are assessed and you receive practical tips and simple movements to practice at home. Your movement therapist may use Pilates, Gyrotonic® method, yoga or dance to find the right approach for you. The result: more comfort, less tension, deeper breathing, greater mental clarity and a new spring in your step.

  • $135 for 50 minutes