Creative Arts

Creative Arts Classes in Tucson

The creative arts allow you to delve into your inner resources in a joyful and natural way. Our experts will inspire and guide you: Pick up a paintbrush, design and make beautiful jewelry, blend your own personal bath products or work with a poet to create mindful musings – the possibilities are endless! Check This Week at Canyon Ranch for complete listings, days, times and length of workshops and classes.

If you prefer one-on-one instruction, want to develop your skills further or if you missed a weekly offering that interests you, contact Program Advising to arrange a private or semiprivate session.


Learn the ancient art of Japanese braiding using colorful threads and a braiding disk. Make a stunning piece of jewelry.

  • fees vary
Burnout Silk Scarves

In this easy and fun class, you’ll dye a beautiful silk scarf using elegant burnout fabric. This stunning work of art can be worn year-round. The material reflects light and adds dimension to the colors you select to transfer onto the blank scarf.

  • fees vary
Crystalize it!

Add sparkle to your Canyon Ranch T-shirt by hot-fixing colorful Swarovski® crystals onto the material.

  • fees vary
Bathing Ritual Essentials

Learn to blend sea salts, essential oils and herbs for a soothing bath experience. Your new knowledge will enable you to create a variety of fragrant blends for elegant bathing rituals at home.

  • fees vary
Clay Connection

Learn sculpting skills using self-hardening terra-cotta clay. Make a piece of art inspired by this beautiful material, ubiquitous throughout the Southwest.

  • fees vary
Vertical Gardens

Experience the joy of working with live plants. Learn how to create a lovely vertical succulent garden to display inside or outside your home.

  • fees vary
Wrist Candy

Create a beautiful bracelet in the hottest current fashion – either a beaded wrap style, channeled between leather cords, or a crocheted wired and woven bracelet. Take home an artistic memento of your Canyon Ranch stay.

  • fees vary
Meditation in patterns

Discover the meditative power of patterns drawn in ink. Create your own beautiful designs on smooth river stones using colorful pens. The results are true works of art!

  • fees vary