Creative Arts

Creative Arts Classes in Tucson

The creative arts allow you to delve into your inner resources in a joyful and natural way. Our experts will inspire and guide you: Pick up a paintbrush, design and make beautiful jewelry, blend your own personal bath products or work with a poet to create mindful musings – the possibilities are endless! Check This Week at Canyon Ranch for complete listings, days, times and length of workshops and classes.

If you prefer one-on-one instruction, want to develop your skills further or if you missed a weekly offering that interests you, contact Program Advising to arrange a private or semiprivate session.

Bathing Ritual Essentials

Learn to blend sea salts, essential oils and herbs for a soothing bath experience. Your new knowledge will enable you to create a variety of fragrant blends for elegant bathing rituals at home.

  • fees vary
Clay Connection

Learn basic sculpting skills using self-hardening terra-cotta clay.

  • fees vary

Working with a published poet, learn how to approach poetry and channel your mindful thoughts into inspiring words.

  • fees vary
Studio Painting

Learn to develop your watercolor or acrylic painting ability and translate imagery into a finished work of art using the various techniques taught in this two-hour workshop.

  • fees vary
Vertical Gardens

Dig in the dirt and experience the joy of working with live plants. Learn how to create a beautiful, living vertical succulent garden to display on the wall like a picture, to enhance your home inside or out.

  • fees vary
Wrist Candy

Create a beautiful bracelet in the hottest current fashion – either a beaded wrap style, channeled between leather cords, or a crocheted wired and woven bracelet. Take home an artistic memento of your Canyon Ranch stay.

  • fees vary