Water Treatments & Massages

Experience the comforting and freeing power of bodywork in an aquatic environment.

Blissful Floating Massage

Feel stress and tension float away with a treatment to quiet the mind and soothe the body. This fully supported warm-water experience takes place in a Watsu® pool. You’ll receive gentle massage, energy balancing and range-of-motion therapy for your joints. You may experience a deep, dreamlike meditative state that will leave you feeling rested, relaxed and renewed. Swimwear required.

  • $170 for 50 minutes
Healing Waters

If you have pain or movement limitations, acute joint injuries, arthritis, fibromyalgia or weight issues, there is no better place to heal than in the warm pools of our Aquatic Center. Immersion in the water aids in strengthening the entire body, improving flexibility, enhancing posture, balance and alignment, refining coordination and conditioning the cardiovascular system. This is also the perfect service if you’d like to feel safer and more comfortable in the water. Our therapists can help you gain strength and freedom that will benefit you when you return to land.

  • $145 for 50 minutes

Experience a classic revitalizing therapy that stimulates the lymphatic and circulatory systems using the natural physical effects of water on the body. This treatment is performed in our highly specialized hydrotherapy tub using powerful water pressure and special massage techniques. Oils and sea products are dissolved in the water to encourage muscle relaxation. Swimwear required.

  • $170 for 45 minutes
Rejuvenating Waters (Tó Bee Háájidááh) 

In native traditions, the sweat lodge is a place of cleansing and healing for tribal members. When the effects of the sweat lodge are combined with bodywork, it produces a profound response. Your journey (pronounced twa-ba-ha-ji-dah) begins in our hydrotherapy tub as you are massaged in warm water from head to toe. Then, in a steam-filled room, your already-warm, relaxed body is massaged again. This treatment is tailored to your needs, and may incorporate massage techniques using the therapist’s hands and feet, deep stretching and hot and cold towels. Swimsuit required.


  • $350 for 100 minutes
Watsu – Aquatic Massage

Float comfortably in a pool of warm water while a therapist uses massage techniques to soften muscles, stretch tissues and open energy pathways. As your body dances and sways through the water, it reaches a state of relaxation so deep that the mind can follow. From this space, a freedom of awareness encourages and allows healing to occur. Watsu® is exceptionally effective in addressing stress, chronic back pain, orthopedic limitations, arthritis, sleep disorders, fibromyalgia, range of motion issues and therapies involving emotional release. This is a profound, holistic body experience unlike any other. Swimwear required.

  • $170 for 50 minutes
Watsu Duet

Share the relaxing therapeutic benefits of Watsu with someone special. Two practitioners provide a customized treatment for both of you.

  • $340 for 50 minutes