Fitness & Resort Activities in Tucson

Fitness and moving your body are essential for a long and healthy life, and Canyon Ranch in Tucson offers an astounding range of activities to get you moving and increase your energy. Our team of encouraging exercise physiologists will conduct a fitness assessment and tailor a program to meet your needs; our certified fitness instructors, who are highly qualified and caring, will help you do it right.

Canyon Ranch is your personal-training destination spa. You can exercise to lose weight, practice Pilates or yoga to shed stress, or hike and bike desert canyons, among other exciting outdoor activities. Swim or immerse yourself in low-impact water exercises at our Aquatic Center or in any one of three inviting outdoor pools. Golf on spectacular nearby courses or fine-tune your game at the Golf Performance Center.

Try something new or polish an old skill.

Movement in the water is great for all people, but is especially beneficial for those with any type of physical limitation.

Experience golf the Canyon Ranch way with PGA pros in our 3,400-square-foot Golf Performance Center.

If you’re itching to move ahead as an overall athlete or in a chosen sport, there’s a “dream team” at Canyon Ranch waiting to help you.

Learn from Canyon Ranch chefs.

Inner wisdom is available to each of us; learning how to find it is part of the journey.

Nurturing your creativity nurtures your spirituality – and vice versa.

Guests ages 14-17 are welcome to choose from our extensive menu of fitness and activities available to teens, including personal training sessions, aquatic experiences, outdoor sports and metaphysical consultations.