Stress Management & Resiliency

4-night stay or longer

Develop stress hardiness to help meet life’s challenges

Sometimes stress motivates and challenges, but all too often it overwhelms and depletes. Nobody can eliminate all stress; however, 
you can proactively develop “stress hardiness” by creating your own management plan. With the guidance of empathetic experts, you’ll learn ways to help understand and gain control over your body’s responses to stress.

In addition to the services included in your Canyon Ranch stay, your Stress & Mood Management package includes pre-arrival interviews, a wrap-up session with a Nurse Educator and the following:

  • Initial consultations with a Nurse Educator and Program Advisor
  • 50-minute physician consultation
  • Heart-Rate Variability Test (measures your body’s adaptation to stress)
  • Nutrition consultation
  • Biofeedback session (monitoring technology helps you learn to control stress factors such as heart rate and blood pressure)
  • Two Stress Management consultations
  • Choice of one:
    – Gyrotonic Expansion System®
    – Movement Therapy
    – Pilates
    – Rx for Exercise
  • Choice of Acupuncture or Healing Energy

You’ll go home feeling refreshed and relaxed – and have the practical knowledge and first-hand experiences to help you stay that way.

Service Option 
$1,880 package fee (in addition to the cost of your stay)