Skin Care

Canyon Ranch Your Transformation® skin care products nourish your skin inside and out with exclusive, science-based formulations. Patented ProNAD® (bio-active vitamin B3) has been clinically proven to repair and resist skin damage and stimulate the production of healthy cells. Developed by scientists at the University of Arizona, ProNAD has been selected by the National Cancer Institute for further research.

Three Powerhouse Compounds
No other line of products contains the synergistic triad of active ingredients found in Canyon Ranch Your Transformation skin care line – plus a host of beneficial, painstakingly chosen secondary compounds in luxurious formulations. The three main players are backed by multiple clinical studies:

ProNAD®, a patented, penetrating form of niacin (vitamin B3) that taps into skin’s natural regenerative power by stimulating DNA repair and improving cell turnover deep beneath the skin’s surface. Extensive clinical research has shown that by building more robust cells, ProNAD effectively strengthens and smoothes the skin’s top, protective layer. 

Ceraplex™, a combination of human-identical ceramides that builds the lipid layer within the skin barrier, locking in moisture, plumping and firming skin from the outside in and diminishing visible lines.

Antiox-3™, a complex of three powerful, natural antioxidants – blueberry, bearberry and goji berry – that protects all layers of skin, improves hyperpigmentation and helps stabilize collagen and elastin.

As you would expect from Canyon Ranch, these products are also remarkable for what they don’t contain: No parabens, no substance derived from petroleum, and no artificial dyes or chemical fragrances. They are non-comedogenic and have been tested extensively, but never on animals.

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AGE TRANSFORMING concentrate serum
The catalyst of the Your Transformation product collection, this creamy serum provides clinical strength ProNAD that taps into your skin's regenerative power to promote healthier skin cells. Reduces the appearance of lines, improves elasticity and firms the skin. 1 oz. $112

RESTORE intensive moisture
Dermaxyl peptides stimulate the production of collagen and elastin to improve skin volume, skin tone and texture. Instantly plumps and hydrates for more luminous
skin. 1.7 oz. $72

BALANCE lightweight moisture
Formulated with plant proteins, this refreshing, lightweight cream hydrates, evens out skin tone and brightens skin. Recommended for normal/combination skin. 1.7 oz.  $56

A cooling mist joins forces with Age Transforming concentrate serum to extend the serum’s potent antioxidant defense. 0.51 oz. $38

RADIANCE facial scrub
This scrub opens pores and gently exfoliates your skin to give you a more radiant and polished look. Made with ProNAD, its creamy texture glides on your skin. Ideal for all skin types, especially men. 3.4 oz. $34

VITALITY cleansing cream
A non-foaming cleanser designed for daily use, this cream provides the benefits of ProNAD as it gently washes away surface impurities while hydrating and conditioning the skin. The milky texture is ideal for all skin types. 5 oz. $30

ELASTICITY body balm
Nutrient-enriched botanical oils leave your skin soft and resilient and ceramides help skin retain moisture. 5 oz. $42

The Canyon Ranch Your Transformation complete skin care line of serums, moisturizers and cleansers will enhance your lifestyle makeover with youthful-looking, healthy and radiant skin. To order, call 888-708-0818 and press 2.