Acclaimed books by expert and visionary Canyon Ranch authors offer inspiration and a deeper understanding of healthy living.

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Mel’s Tips for Healthy Living
by Mel Zuckerman

Mel Zuckerman, the visionary founder of Canyon Ranch, shares insights to help you transform your life by making sensible, proven changes that fit your lifestyle. In this energizing, easy-to-use little book, you’ll find hundreds of simple, practical tips and strategies, plus wholehearted encouragement to help you get started and keep going. Even if you never visit Canyon Ranch, you can return again and again to this distillation of its practically limitless resources, and come away with something new, useful and inspiring every time.

The Restless Visionary
by Mel Zuckerman

Starting on a shoestring in the Arizona desert, Mel and Enid Zuckerman transformed a run-down dude ranch into the international gold standard for the spa and wellness industry. They had no experience and very little cash, but they shared an unshakable faith in their vision. Today, Canyon Ranch is the model all others strive to copy. It all began with one man, 50 years old, overwrought, overweight and restless, who went to a fat farm to lose some pounds. There, he had an Aha! moment that transformed his life and, in the process, launched a wellness revolution. An inspirational story for anyone who wonders if there’s still time to invent a happier, healthier life.

The Hunter/Farmer Diet Solution
by Mark Liponis, MD

Is your body geared for hunting or farming? The answer is important, because it relates to recent studies that show what many people have learned through trial and error: Some of us fare better on a low-carb diet, while others thrive on lower fat. In this groundbreaking book, bestselling author and Canyon Ranch Corporate Medical Director Mark Liponis, MD, describes how you can determine which type you are, so you can adjust your food habits to reach your weight goals and enjoy greater health.