Spirit Lodge

The Spirit Lodge can help wash away the stresses of life, create a sense of renewal, prepare you for a significant transition, and foster healing. Afterward, most participants describe feeling a new sense of peace, vitality, clarity and connection. For thousands of years, people have purified themselves and sought connection to nature and to the realm of the spirit through sweat lodges. The Spirit Lodge is a powerful, three-part spiritual experience that draws upon and honors rich, ancient traditions that promote spiritual and personal growth as well as physical well-being. Offered September through June, weather permitting.

Part I – An informative talk about the Spirit Lodge, followed by a ceremony to help prepare you for the experience.
50 minutes.

Part II – A sunrise morning prayer on the day of the Spirit Lodge, when you and other guests will set your intentions for the evening ceremony. Optional. 25 minutes.

Part III – The Spirit Lodge ceremony. 3 hours.

Service Option 
$380 for Parts I II and III