Body Treatments & Scrubs

Luxurious products and soothing techniques create ultimate pampering for your skin.

Euphoria Ritual

Enter into a euphoric state of being in this elegant body treatment designed to calm the nervous system and relax the mind. Your journey begins with a sage compress for your face and an aromatherapy scalp massage. A warm botanical body masque is applied and gently buffed, then you are immersed in a soaking tub with our specially designed aromatherapy blend. Your ritual concludes with a soothing massage using warm herb-infused oil.

Note: Soaking tubs not available on all vessels.

  • $288 for 100 minutes
Revitalizing Ritual

A luscious six-part massage body ritual combines the therapeutic properties of flower oils and fruit essences with rich minerals from the earth and sea to bring your body into balance and harmony. First, be purified with yuzu mimosa sea algae, deeply scrubbed with warming gingergrass, polished with nutrient-rich rice bran and hydrated with rose camellia water. Next, quench your whole body with wild lime silk oil and a Canyon Ranch Massage to energize and restore. Complete your journey with a plum wine cream to seal in the healing benefits.

  • $288 for 100 minutes
Detoxifying Ritual

Retreat into a ritual of heat and pure scent for an intense therapeutic transformation based on the skin care practices of the traditional hammam bathhouse. You’ll be intensely cleansed with Moroccan mint tea and silt purifier, and vigorously scrubbed with coffee, olive stones and fresh lemons. A rich rhassoul clay will then be applied to draw out impurities. You’ll recharge with quince and orange blossoms and then have all this goodness sealed in with warming curative essences of cardamom, jasmine, bergamot, amber and clove. Concludes with a massage.

  • $288 for 100 minutes
Naturally Nourishing Ritual

Return to your natural essence and feel the exhilaration of being alive in a powerful six-part ritual based on Finnish traditions. Be invigorated and purified by the spirit of the icy sea, northern light and physical elation. The skin is nourished and cleansed with organic milk, exfoliated with bioactive peat enzymes and ripe, antioxidant-rich Arctic cloudberries. Then your lymphatic system is stimulated by a mushroom and phytonutrient wrap followed by an oxygenated ionizing mist. Your treatment finishes with a Canyon Ranch Massage using Arctic berry extracts and oils of cypress and birch to increase circulation and vitality.

  • $288 for 100 minutes
Intensive Body Profile Treatment

Targeted Environ® treatment with iontophoresis increases the effectiveness of the medical-grade ingredients to help firm, condition and smooth the skin on the thighs.

  • $195 for 50 minutes
Radiant Beauty Ritual

Lessen the appearance of cellulite and varicose veins and help decrease water retention with this Red Flower therapy ritual. A scrub with coffee, sugar, lemon and olive oil smoothes and tones. Next, a wrap in phytopower nutrients helps reduce toxicity and bloating and evens the skin tone, while a facial massage with rose and aloe supports collagen. The finishing touch for overall radiance: kinmoxei and lime layered with plum blossom cream.

  • $150 for 50 minutes
Departure Detox

Before you leave us, ease your transition back into reality by detoxifying and energizing with this exclusive Red Flower therapy treatment. An exfoliation with sea salt, mint and berry seeds awakens the mind, and a masque of rhassoul clay detoxifies the body. Next, you’ll be cleansed with blood oranges to tone the skin before a massage with Arctic berries to reduce inflammation and encourage balance.

  • $275 for 80 minutes
Tropical Bamboo & Lime Ritual

Escape to paradise with this exclusive Red Flower tropical aromatherapy ritual. You’ll experience complete renewal with a therapeutic massage to awaken the senses, release tension and improve circulation. Next, you’ll be buffed and toned with crushed bamboo and ginger oil, followed by application of nutrient-rich shea butter, vitamin E, beeswax and honey. Finally, enjoy a soothing scalp massage.

  • $275 for 80 minutes
Dream Ritual

Transform your state of mind with this exclusive Red Flower aromatherapy body ritual. Begin with a softening exfoliation of sea crystals, aloe, sea algae and berry seeds, followed by a cleansing with a tea of ginger, aloe, apple, chamomile and green tea extracts blended with the pure essences of freesia and grassy boronia. An ion-filled flower mist transports your senses before a dreamy full-body massage.

  • $275 for 80 minutes
Welcome Voyage

Leave the stress of travel behind and reveal a vibrant new you with this blissful Red Flower treatment, beginning with an Indian jasmine revitalizing sea salt scrub. Next, a Swedish massage with French lavender to banish jet lag. The finishing touch is a hand and foot treatment with Italian blood orange to soothe calluses.

  • $275 for 80 minutes
After-Sun Therapy

Reduce the effects of too many rays – redness, heat and pain – with this exclusive Red Flower therapy. Your skin is gently purified and hydrated, then a lymphatic phytopower masque is applied to the body and face to reduce inflammation and skin irritation, and encourage healing and cellular regeneration. A soothing application of ocean lotion will seal in softness.

  • $150 for 50 minutes
World Ritual Voyage Cycle

Indulge in three fabulous Red Flower ritual treatments designed to create sustained health and energy throughout your voyage. Treatments may be booked at any time or in any order.

  • Naturally Nourishing Ritual to create a youthful glow, 100 minutes
  • Revitalizing Ritual to maintain balanced energy,
    100 minutes
  • Detoxifying Ritual to flush toxins and leave you feeling euphoric, 100 minutes
  • $760 for 300 minutes
Balanced Journey Cycle

This collection of treatments was designed to enhance the stages of sea travel. Treatments may be booked at any time or in any order during your voyage.

  • Welcome Voyage to combat jet lag, 80 minutes
  • Awakening Massage for a boost of energy; perfect mid-voyage, 50 minutes
  • After-Sun Therapy to heal skin after overexposure,
    50 minutes
  • Departure Detox to flush toxins and prepare for your journey home, 80 minutes
  • $740 for 260 minutes
Beauty Cycle

Cultivate health and beauty from the inside out with this cycle of treatments that includes a personal training session as well as time at the salon. Treatments may be booked at any time, or in any order during your voyage.

  • Radiant Beauty Ritual to tone and smooth cellulite,
    50 minutes
  • Salon service of choice for those finishing touches
  • Personal training session to maximize workout potential, 50 minutes
  • Muscle Release Massage & Soak to soothe and release tension, 80 minutes
  • from $550
Organic Sea Salt Scrub

A wonderfully restorative, exfoliating body treatment that cools skin on contact. Antibacterial essence of laurel opens the lungs while spirulina intensely hydrates. Dry brushing with organic Dead Sea salts stimulates the lymphatic system, while an application of biodynamic honey and Red Flower Ocean essential oil leaves skin supple and calm.

  • $135 for 50 minutes
Firming Sea Salt Body Scrub

Your choice of organic essential oils combined with organic Dead Sea salts and a thorough dry brushing stimulates and exfoliates. A finishing application of biodynamic honey and essential oils - choose from any of seven luscious aromatherapeutic Red Flower botanicals - hydrates and nourishes.

  • $135 for 50 minutes
Kinmoxei Energizing Body Glow

Rough, dry skin is removed and circulation throughout the body is stimulated by a powerful exfoliation with crushed bamboo, bamboo sap and oils of ginger and fir. End with your choice of a warming rubdown with intensely moisturizing wild lime oil, or a cooling application of a protective cream made with plum blossoms and silk.

  • $135 for 50 minutes
Vibrant Morning Ritual

Get a jump-start on the day with this exclusive Red Flower therapy. Traditional Japanese and yogic morning rituals align the body with nature’s rhythms to restore energy with a vitalizing flow. A crushed bamboo and ginger scrub, followed by a poultice of rice bran and cherry blossoms, prepares your skin for a hydrating application of silk and plum blossoms.

  • $150 for 50 minutes