Total comfort and beauty for hard-working feet.

Canyon Stone Pedicure

Prepare to experience the ultimate. Allow us to nurture your senses as your technician massages your feet and lower legs using warm basalt stones and fragrant essential oils. This pampering delight is followed by warm paraffin.

  • $114 for 80 minutes
Feet So Soft Pedicure

Warm paraffin hydrates dry skin and soothes aching joints like nothing else. Say goodbye to painful joints and dried-out cuticles with this comforting, complete treatment for feet.

  • $115 for 50 minutes
Grounding Pedicure

Reconnect to the natural energy of the Earth with this revitalizing, refreshing new pedicure by PluggzSPA. Custom formulas of organic peppermint, jojoba and aloe vera help soothe, hydrate and restore your hardworking feet, leaving them feeling grounded and nourished. Take home a pair of Pluggz™ grounding flip-flops to keep the spring in your step long after your pedicure!

  • $115 for 50 minutes
Gel Pedicure

Say goodbye to nicks, chips and smudges. Enjoy all the essentials of a perfect spa pedicure finished with a breakthrough gel polish that combines the ease of polish with the permanence of gels.

  • $95 for 50 minutes
Gentlemen's Pedicure

A delightful treatment that provides hydration and exfoliation using products that appeal to a gentleman’s senses. Includes a file, soak, groom, massage and buff to renew the feet.

  • $69 for 30 minutes
Age-Defying Pedicure

This treatment features vitamins A, C and E plus alpha hydroxy acids to soften dry, rough, chapped skin, unveiling smooth-as-silk feet.

  • $120 for 50 minutes
Spa Essentials Pedicure

Maintain healthy and refreshed feet with a gentle exfoliation, an aromatic soak and moisturizing essential lotions.

  • $69 for 50 minutes
Sports Pedicure

Smooth and cool your active feet. Self-heating oil relieves aches and increases blood circulation; a final cooling gel leaves your feet feeling like new.

  • $78 for 50 minutes