Beauty Essentials

Put the finishing touches on your beauty regimen with a dazzling smile and the perfect lashes, brows and tan.

La La Express: Glamorous Lashes in 30 Minutes

Perfect for a holiday, special occasion or just for fun, La La Express individual eyelash extensions will provide you with a fabulous flutter that lasts two to three weeks. Professional removal is required.

  • $125 for 30 minutes
Lash Perfect: Luxurious SemiPermanent Lashes

Make your eyes appear larger, brighter and more alluring with Lash Perfect semipermanent eyelash extensions. These individual lashes are applied to each natural lash and can last up to eight weeks with regular maintenance.

  • $269 for 110 minutes
Hi Brow: Groomed, Glossy & Utterly Perfect Brows

Shape, color and style your brows to create the perfect look. Hi Brow Professional instantly transforms thin, pale and poorly maintained brows into perfect, face-shaping, streamlined statements.

  • $145 for 50 minutes
Megawhite Express

Brighten your smile today! Megawhite Express is a peroxide-free laser teeth whitening system that provides immediate results in less than half an hour. It causes no structural or enamel change, and your experience will be painless. This process is recommended by dentists for all ages, as long as your teeth and gums are healthy.

  • $199 for 20 minutes
Set the Tone

Enjoy a healthy glow without the harmful effects of the sun. LDN Skins is the quintessential sunless and natural-looking tan. Choose between the professionally applied lotion (50 minutes) or spray tan (30 minutes). LDN applications are the most convenient, stress-free way to achieve perfect golden results.

  • $99 for 30 minutes
    $149 for 50 minutes