3 Generations of Weight Loss

Two visits to the Life Enhancement Center® at Canyon Ranch in Tucson resulted in lifestyle changes, improved health and weight loss for three generations of women.

8 Ways to Cope with Stress

Param Dedhia, MD, of Canyon Ranch in Tucson, recommends these eight experiences to help you feel stronger, happier and better able to manage stress.

A Man's Diet

Whether you’re a man or a woman, the basics apply when it comes to choosing the best diet for health and longevity: mostly plant-based foods with some lean protein, and limited fats, sugar, caffeine and alcohol. But a man – especially if you’re at or approaching middle age – has specific nutritional needs when it comes to retaining strength, energy and vitality in the face of lifestyle challenges and even genetic predisposition to diseases. So listen up, guys!

A Play Date with Inner Child

It had been two years since Judy Benham’s husband died and she still was feeling somewhat adrift – in search of a grounding energy. A high achiever all her life, she describes herself as “left-brain dominant,” forging a successful career in scientific research and business. In 2012, she was ready for something new – “I just wasn’t sure what.” On the advice of a friend, Judy booked a week at Canyon Ranch in Tucson, where she discovered a natural strength that had been set aside for decades.

Across Generations

Family Connections & Celebrations


Quick, think of your favorite family tradition … your most eccentric relative … best foods and worst … embarrassing photos … a wild story that’s been passed from grandparents to kids to cousins and beyond ….

Ageless Beauty

spa packages lenox

Built in 1898, Bellefontaine Mansion was home to a prominent family, a school and a convent before falling into abandoned disrepair. Even the flood stains and rampant ruin did not discourage Mel and Enid Zuckerman, though. They fell in love with this architectural classic, lovingly restored it, and used it as the architectural and functional centerpiece of Canyon Ranch in Lenox since its opening 25 years ago.

Aquatic Quest

Unique opportunities at the Aquatic Center in Tucson

aquatic questWhat if you could move more easily, stretch farther and relax utterly in weightless freedom? That’s what can happen when you take your exercise or body work into the water.

Better All the Time

spa packages tucson

When Mel and Enid Zuckerman decided to convert the dilapidated Double U Dude Ranch into a health resort 35 years ago, they were surrounded by doubters. Banks, colleagues and friends did not see the potential of this site at first, but it’s apparent to everyone now.

Blazing New Trails

What’s your passion? More than just a hobby to fill odd moments, a passion is a deeply fulfilling pastime that creates a sustaining thread through your life. Whether it’s playing guitar, creating lovely things out of clay, training for progressively challenging athletic events or pursuing a favorite sport, it’s something that you can always turn to for mental and physical refreshment. The more stressful your life, the greater the benefits can be.

Building on Strengths

Building on Strengths at Canyon Ranch in Lenox

Your friend is dashing off to yoga class again. She’s the most flexible person you know. So, is she bendy because she does a lot of yoga, or did she choose yoga to build on her natural bendiness?

Canyon Ranch Hotel & Spa

More Beautiful than Ever

Canyon Ranch Hotel & Spa in Miami Beach should be blushing from all the compliments it receives for its gorgeous design and lovely ambience. And it’s gotten even better.

Canyon Ranch Hotel & Spa in Miami Beach

Everything You Expect and So Much More

There’s more than one way to enjoy Canyon Ranch. In fact, our goal is to provide a variety of ways to enjoy a healthy vacation experience that suits you perfectly. Nothing gives you more flexibility than a stay at Canyon Ranch Hotel & Spa in Miami Beach.

Canyon Ranch Hotel & Spa in Miami Beach

Cooking Seasonal, Local & Sustainable

At Canyon Ranch Hotel & Spa in Miami Beach, it’s all about fresh, wholesome ingredients, and pouncing on at-the-peak produce as it becomes available.

Canyon Ranch Institute

A Canyon Ranch vacation may not be in everyone’s future, but the vision of healthy living was meant to reach everybody. Registered dietitian Karla Giboyeaux is helping achieve that goal every day in the Bronx, where she gets in the kitchen and teaches people how to whip up wholesome, affordable food at home – an unbeatable habit that makes life so much better!

Canyon Ranch Institute

A Recipe for Community Health

“My love of cooking began in my grandmother’s kitchen,” says professional chef Barry Infuso.

Canyon Ranch Institute's 10th Anniversary

Canyon Ranch Institute – Celebrating a decade of dedication to health & wellness

A message from Dr. Richard H. Carmona, M.D., M.P.H., FACS, President of Canyon Ranch Institute

Canyon Ranch Medicine

health and wellness programs

Cynthia’s story is one of many at Canyon Ranch with a happy ending. Hers began with a doctor visit.

“Cynthia was 60 when I met her in 2003,” recalls Mark Liponis, MD, Corporate Medical Director. “She came to Lenox with an autoimmune eye condition called uveitis, and was being cared for by a top specialist at NYU.”

Canyon Ranch SpaClub – Las Vegas

If you’re looking for a tranquil, stress-free, away-from-it-all getaway, you might think of mountains, ocean or desert. You probably don’t envision Las Vegas right away – but why not? The serene environment you crave is in the heart of The Strip in beautiful, all-healthy Canyon Ranch SpaClub®.

Canyon Ranch Weight Loss Program

Restoring a Healthy Balance in Busy, Stress-Filled Lives

Drew Scott knows all about marketing – and can easily spot the difference between reality and hype.

Carrot & Ginger Soup

As the days grow shorter and nights cooler, it’s time to rediscover the joy of hot soup on a cool autumn evening. This one satisfies those fall cravings with touches of honey, ginger and maple syrup. You can use one of those high-tech food processing marvels favored by our chefs — otherwise, your basic kitchen blender will do.

3 tablespoons diced onions
½ teaspoon olive oil
1 tablespoon maple syrup
½ teaspoon honey
1 tablespoon peeled and minced fresh ginger
1 cup peeled and chopped carrots, about 6 ounces

Celebration Central

Because Canyon Ranch health resorts are all about the joys and rewards of healthy living, a stay in Tucson or Lenox is the ideal way to mark – and thoroughly enjoy – an anniversary, achievement or the accomplishment of a goal. Among the many life events our guests commemorate here:

Consumer Choices

Shopping Tips From the Ranch

At Canyon Ranch, we know that health is about the choices each of us makes, day in and day out. Here are some tips to help you be a savvier, healthier shopper.

Selecting safe scented candles

Continuing Medical Education Program

Continuing Medical Education (CME) Program Canyon Ranch

For a busy physician, staying current with medical information and ongoing learning can leave little or no time to relax and de-stress. The Canyon Ranch Continuing Medical Education (CME) Program lets doctors enjoy an all-healthy, rejuvenating vacation while learning cutting-edge ideas to take back to their practices.

Cooking with Kids

Children love to be with their parents, love to do what they see their parents doing, and love to create. Add the fact that they’re usually hungry, and it’s easy to see why children so dearly love to help in the kitchen.

Creating a Sacred Space in Your Home

Spirituality at Canyon Ranch in Tucson

An altar can be a means of focusing your spiritual intention, a sacred space within your home where the only objects are those meaningful to your connection with spirit, and where you can feel serene and secure, leaving behind day-to-day worries and distractions.

Creative Arts & Spirituality

Creative Arts & Spirituality at Canyon Ranch in Tucson

Just as there’s more than one form of communication, there are multiple paths to develop and explore your spirituality. For one lovely example, you may be surprised at what happens when you engage in a creative activity.

Culinary Discoveries & Fresh Tastes

Try to imagine all the edibles that exist in the world, from dandelion tea to ostrich eggs and cheeseburgers with jalapeño sauce. Out of the endless choices, most of us stick to a limited range based on taste, availability and habit.

On top of that, there are the foods we simply don’t like; yet can you even remember the first time you tasted your most-hated food, made a face, and never looked back? Maybe it’s time to give certain foods another chance with fresh eyes and open taste buds.

Cultivating the Beginner's Mind

Children rush joyously into every experience, simply enjoying the now-ness of it. No reservations, no expectations or fear of failure – just zest for living. You can’t stop time – but you can recapture that freshness you brought to life when there was no such thing as “What if I can’t?”

Destination Resorts - Lenox, Massachusetts

A Summer of Milestones

Magic comes to the Berkshires every summer in all varieties of music, dance and theater. This year marks the 75th anniversary of the world-class performing arts festival at Tanglewood. It will be more spectacular than ever at all the renowned local venues – the perfect complement to your Canyon Ranch vacation.

Destination Resorts - Tucson, Arizona

Since we first opened, Mel and I have searched for the right words to describe what Canyon Ranch means to people. It’s hard to put into words for someone who hasn’t experienced it, and sometimes our guests say it better than we can. This poem was written by Joy Stosz after her last stay. It’s a beautiful reflection on the Power of Possibility, and I hope you feel as inspired by it as I do.

Destination Resorts – Lenox, Massachusetts

A Dreamy Legacy

Canyon Ranch in Lenox

The beauty and serenity of the Berkshires have always attracted dreamers. Away from bustling cities, great artists have realized their creative visions, leaving a legacy that enriches us all.

Destination Resorts – Tucson, Arizona

Get Outside

Late fall and winter is a great time to be outdoors – and we’re offering two new ways to get some major exercise in the sparkling desert air.

NEW! High Ropes Challenge Course

Destination Resorts- Lenox Massachusetts

Who's Afraid of Winter?

With the snow piling up, you could hunker down and wait for the whole season to go away – or you could visit us in Lenox and have a ball!

Destination Resorts- Tucson, Arizona

New Year, New Opportunities

Will 2012 be the year you climb a mountain, learn to meditate or finally conquer your seesawing weight? Whatever your goal, I believe in you!

Doctor’s Prescription: An Ounce of Prevention

What do your neck measurement, the way you stand, or Great-Uncle Joe’s demise in the 1960s have to do with proactively managing your health? More than you might think, says Canyon Ranch Corporate Medical Director Mark Liponis, M.D.

Dream On The Run

Marathons, triathlons and beyond

Dream on the Run

What do people who go after their long-distance dreams get in return for all that hard work? To start with, better health.

Everyday Spirituality

Spirituality Canyon Ranch Tucson, Arizona

What’s the secret to integrating spirituality in today’s fast-paced, turbocharged world? Julie Haber, MDiv, Spiritual Wellness Director at Canyon Ranch in Tucson, is often pressed for an answer to this question. Her response is always a variation of one simple prescription: “Pay attention.”

Exercise Your Mellow Side

by Mel Zuckerman,
Canyon Ranch Founder

I was glad to hear the theme of this issue would be “Stress Less,” because it’s a topic close to my heart. I’ve struggled with the effects of chronic stress all my life and, although I manage it pretty well these days, I can’t say I’ve figured out how to entirely avoid feeling stressed.

Exercise Your Options

fitness spa resort

Lifetimes ago, staying in shape was no problem. All you had to do was chop wood for heat, haul water from the well, wash your clothes in the creek, build a fort with your own hands and harvest your own crops. Results are still guaranteed, but this probably wouldn’t suit your lifestyle today.

Festive Winter Dinner

Za'Atar-Crusted Lamb Chops with Pomegranate Molasses

Lamb dusted with sesame seeds and a Middle Eastern spice mix and grilled or broiled. Tangy pomegranate molasses is the finishing touch.


Za'atar Spice Mixture:

First There Was Fire

Primitive Outdoor Skills
October 8 – 11 in Tucson
Go primal with Randy! Learn how to make tools from stone, tune into nature, read animal tracks and make fire. Take “The Final Test” with your group, when you get to apply your new skills and wisdom. Bring your beginner’s mind!


Reset Your Goals — Peak Performance

Fitness for Every Phase of Life

Staying fit comes naturally to small children. Every day is an adventure, running off to a favorite swing set, then skipping away to play with friends. As they grow bigger and stronger, they acquire finer skills and can channel their energy and interests into higher-level sports or activities they can pursue for the rest of their lives. At least that’s how things should go.

Food, Rituals, Mindfulness and Gratitude

Nourishing your Spirit at Canyon Ranch

Why make a big deal out of eating? When your schedule is constantly packed, grabbing a quick bite is an easy way to save time. In making time for one more chore or errand, though, you may be compromising countless future moments of peace, happiness and stronger connections with close friends and family.

When you rush around, life can get increasingly fragmented. Sit down and eat together – even once a week – and the craziness settles. You may talk about incidents at work or at school, laugh over little things and forge links of memory that last a lifetime.

Fruit & Nut Bar Recipe

Canyon Ranch Recipe to make at home

½ cup chopped pecans
½ cup chopped almonds
¾ cup honey
2¾ cups rolled oats
½ cup dried cranberries
¾ cup dried chopped apples
½ cup raisins
½ cup sliced dates (about 10, medium size)
1 teaspoon cinnamon


Gadgets and Gizmos:

Is Exercise Technology for You?

There’s nothing like feedback and encouragement to help you walk, run or bike that extra mile, or hit the gym more often – and for today’s athlete, a flashing, beeping array of cool exercise gizmos offers an instant answer to the panted question, “How am I doing?”


Explore Your Family History

Discovery comes in all shapes and sizes at Canyon Ranch. Now it’s available in the form of a genealogy service for guests who wish to explore their family histories. The service is provided by Genevieve Leavitt, M.A. – better known to thousands of tennis-playing Ranch guests by her nickname, Jerry.

Go Ahead, Try It!

Whether you’ve been to Canyon Ranch once or have been coming for years, there’s always something new to try each time. In fact, that’s part of the fun. You can enjoy all your favorite activities and services – and you can expand your personal repertoire in a place that’s safe, inspiring and filled with possibilities.

Go Take A Hike – Anybody Can!

Whether you explore woodland trails and historic sites in the scenic Berkshires, or stroll among giant saguaros in a Sonoran Desert canyon, memorable outdoor moments await at Canyon Ranch in Lenox, Massachusetts, or in Tucson, Arizona.

Hassle-Free Skin Care for Men

Your face is the first thing others see – but every time you leave the house, your skin is on the front line, exposed to sunlight, wind and pollutants. Just like women, men want to look their best; however, they may be their own worst enemies when it comes to protecting their skin, says Kim Nixon, Canyon Ranch in Tucson Skin Care trainer.

Health & Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual Wellness Canyon Ranch

A guest arrived in Tucson feeling fine, so he was surprised when a Canyon Ranch nurse took his blood pressure and said it was high. He’d never had that problem before. He booked an appointment with Nicola Finley, MD, and she got an even higher BP reading. Luckily, she’s an intuitive doctor with broad perspective.

Health Packages for a Deeper Experience

Pursuing a health issue can be anything but a holiday. Too often it involves busy doctors, short appointments, long waits and impersonal results. At the other end of the spectrum is Canyon Ranch, where you can have a relaxing, fun, invigorating, all-healthy vacation. Sometimes that’s all you want, but other times you’re ready for more.

Healthy Beginnings

You dream that your baby will be healthy, happy and smart – but how can you help?

healthy beginnings

Healthy Kids in the Kitchen

Here’s a family-friendly Saturday breakfast that offers quick gratification to budding sous chefs – and a delicious start to the weekend.

Whole-Wheat Buttermilk Pancakes with Fruit

Healthy Weight: Solving the Weight Loss Challenge One Guest at a Time

September 2011

Healthy Weight

The Challenge: Most people who struggle with weight know what they should do – they need something more to get them going.

The Opportunity: Since it opened in 1988, The Life Enhancement Program® at Canyon Ranch in Tucson has been all about transforming “should” into “does.”


It’s always fun to visit a farmers market and select among the freshly picked ingredients. Everything looks gorgeous and smells great. And, ah, those fresh herbs – you know they’ll make your food taste divine! So, what is this magic that growers infuse into every tasty leaf? Nothing you can’t do yourself.

High-Tech Food Prep

Remember your first encounter with kitchen “technology”? Chances are, it occurred at floor level and involved banging utensils against pots and pans to find out how much noise you could make.

Hijacked to Paradise

Day 1 |

Finally! Jeff said I could have whatever I wanted for our 20th anniversary. I said I wanted him to come to Canyon Ranch with me. This time he couldn’t say no!

We got here late afternoon and met with our Program Advisors. We’re starting off tomorrow with an early morning hike. The desert is beautiful and the weather’s great so he couldn’t complain, especially when I said I would go too.

Holistic Approach Was Key to Weight Loss

Ken and Nancy Arlen can pinpoint their Aha! moment in the Canyon Ranch Weight Loss Program.

Weight loss and lifestyle change began when a Resting Metabolic Rate test showed them how many calories each burned in a day. They learned how to use that knowledge to assess how much they needed to eat and exercise to lose or maintain weight. “That was a light bulb that went on,” says Nancy.

How to Avoid Computer Crouch

Remember your mother telling you not to slouch?

Some electronic devices encourage you to move – but many, such as computers, tablets and smartphones, can result in a hunched posture, inviting tight, painful muscles and poor body alignment.

How to Not Stress About Stress

by Enid Zuckerman,
Canyon Ranch Founder

Stress – ha! – what an interesting subject! Who among us does not deal with stress on some level? Of course, there is good stress, and there is the bad stress. The trick is learning to combat the bad and hold on to the good.

How We Love to Hear From You!

By Jerry Cohen, Vice Chairman and CEO, Canyon Ranch

To all our guests and friends – I hope your year is off to a happy, healthy start! We hope to see you at the Ranch again soon – and we always love to hear from you.

I can’t overstate how much we value your comments, opinions and suggestions. They influence every change we make – not just the new classes and program offerings, but even the smallest things.

In This Moment

by Enid Zuckerman, Canyon Ranch Founder

I was walking across the Ranch in Tucson recently and noticed a group of buildings that looked different somehow. I honestly couldn’t recall anything we’d changed recently. Then it dawned on me – I’d been seeing these buildings for 33 years but hadn’t really looked at them in ages. It made me aware of how they might appear to a first-time guest.

In Touch

“I am an addict,” says Marjorie Margolies.

In Touch

You know what they say: If you need a job done, give it to the busiest person you know. Eva Haller is living proof of the adage.

In Touch

with Louis Van Amstel

He’s LaBlast!

In Touch

Kicking back with Gayle King, journalist & TV host

Setting a goal is a popular way to approach a visit to Canyon Ranch. In fact, many first-time guests want to do everything the Ranch offers and forget to leave time for simply sitting and being. Gayle King took the opposite approach on her recent first visit to Canyon Ranch in Lenox. Her goal was relaxation, and lots of it.

In Touch

with CBS Sportscaster Bill Macatee

In Touch with author Emily Liebert

wellness retreats

For Emily Liebert, it’s all about being organized. As a busy mom, journalist and published author, it could hardly be otherwise. Sticking to a schedule that involves book deadlines and hectic publicity tours – plus maintaining order in a household that also includes a hardworking entrepreneurial husband and active preschoolers (sons Jaxsyn, 5, and Hugo, 4) – requires plenty of discipline to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

In Touch with Dita Von Teese

Canyon Ranch In Touch with Dita Von Teese

Dita Von Teese would like to get one thing straight: The talents she’s best known for have virtually nothing to do with a desire to please men.

In Touch with Hank Bjorklund

Former Princeton Tigers record-breaking running back and 1970s New York Jets player Hank Bjorklund discovered Canyon Ranch in Lenox by chance, soon after it opened. He and his wife, Victoria, “stumbled on” the Ranch when looking for a place to stay after a hiking trip in 1989.

In Touch with Pati Jinich

Pati Jinich says her most precious ingredient is time – but until recently there never seemed to be enough of it to go round. “I’m always very busy,” she says. “I work 24/7 – I run around like a madwoman.”

In Touch – Nancy Lopez

Nancy LopezEver wish you had the fitness of an athlete? Golf Hall of Fame Champion Nancy Lopez can relate.

Inner Journeys for Everyone

Self-Awareness and Spirituality at Canyon Ranch

The triad of mind, body and spirit has become ingrained in the public consciousness, and there’s plenty of guidance for people who want to cultivate spirituality. In truth, people who do not call themselves spiritual can benefit from inner reflections as well.

Las Vegas SpaClub

couples spa packages las vegas

Fifteen years of pampering – and the beat goes on. Since our opening in June 1999, SpaClub® in Las Vegas has offered the ultimate haven amid the rapid pace of a nonstop city. We’ve also grown, from 60,000 to 134,000 square feet – but the more we’ve changed, the more the tranquility, top-notch service and inimitable Canyon Ranch touch have stayed the same.

Laughter and Spirituality

Canyon Ranch Spa and Wellness Resort

Fun and laughter aren’t words most people associate with spirituality. But if spirituality conjures only visions of a quiet church or synagogue, solemn congregants and silent meditation, you may be missing out on a vital element to add joy to your life and feed your spirit.

Lenox Cafe Delights

Canyon Ranch Lenox savor nutritious gourmet cuisine

At Canyon Ranch, we believe food should be nutritious and delicious – and that the dining experience ought to be a joy. You’ll see what we mean at our beautiful new Cafe in Lenox. The environment is charming, the views are stunning, and the exceptional cuisine reflects the foods, flavors and nutritional philosophy of the Mediterranean.

Life Enhancement Center

Take your vision of a new, healthier you in 2014 and run with it – all the way to your weight loss goals and beyond. Get away from unhealthy eating habits and get on track at Canyon Ranch with the weight loss program that really works.

Life Management

weight loss resorts

Ever since people first stressed over hunting enough mastodons to put on the table, and who did most work around the cave, life has overflowed with challenges – often to crisis point and beyond. Basic needs, personal trauma, dysfunctional relationships and all that makes us human have always existed. Fortunately, we’ve made huge strides in the tools and attitudes that help us overcome problems and enhance our lifestyles.

Liquid Yummies

weight loss resorts

They're delicious, refreshing and seem to be everywhere these days. Juices and smoothies bring together nutrition and great taste, a combination we love at Canyon Ranch.

When you visit our resorts in Tucson or Lenox, indulge your taste for liquid nutrition by ordering any blend of carrots, kale, cucumber, beets, celery and ginger. They're all juiced in our kitchens from the best ingredients – a great way to get your veggies at breakfast!

Maintaining Healthy Habits … the commitment of a lifetime!

Whether I’m speaking to groups or individuals at Canyon Ranch, invariably the subject of commitment comes up. Though almost everyone says they are committed to adopting healthier habits, what I often hear are the undertones of defeat and self-recrimination.

Men's Health at Every Age

Men – want to improve your odds of living a long, healthy life? Ask Canyon Ranch Medical Director Stephen Brewer, MD, and he’ll happily give you a short list of best practices. At the top are two words: Get moving.

Mind, Body, Spirit – and Community

People talk about balancing the mind-body-spirit triad as the time-honored pathway to wellness. And it’s absolutely true. Yet there’s a fourth dimension – community – that doesn’t get specific attention but adds immeasurably to all other aspects of wellness.

Mindful Medicine

Being a good physician means being part scientist, part detective and always a careful observer. Case in point: Katie, a young woman with a history of underactive thyroid, consulted Cindy Geyer, M.D., with a list of troubling symptoms. Dr. Geyer, Medical Director at Canyon Ranch in Lenox, put on her Sherlock Holmes hat and went to work.

My Spiritual Epiphany

Mel and Enid Zuckerman Canyon Ranch


In this issue of Connection, we’ve chosen the theme “In the Spirit” to bring an element of the spiritual into every major health and wellness topic – which is not really as difficult as it may seem. In fact, I believe the most meaningful moments in life involve a spiritual experience.

Natural Beauty

Whether you’re a highly scheduled student, a busy professional or retired and catching up on all the fun things you never had time for, looking your best is always a priority. Making the most of your assets is a great place to begin – whether it’s your shiny hair, your lovely cheekbones or your glow of inner joy.

We asked our favorite beauty expert, Canyon Ranch Director of Beauty Services Laura Hittleman, to share her top tips for making the most of your natural beauty.

New at Canyon Ranch, New to You

Every year when our new Guide to Services comes out, new services join our extensive menu of choices. We don’t want you to miss anything, so here are just a few of our all-new services and classes to check out – and don’t forget the ones you simply haven’t tried yet! Our Program Advisors can help you pinpoint the classes and services that will interest, challenge or delight you most. Here are just a few of our latest offerings (fees may apply):

New Real Estate

Living in health and elegance is a dream worth cultivating, and The Residences at Bellefontaine will make it possible for you. These amazing homes are on schedule for completion in late 2016. When you live on the grounds of the Bellefontaine Mansion, New England scenery and exquisite landscaping will be just outside your window, with enclosed walkways connecting you to everything Canyon Ranch has to offer.

New to You

Trattoria Locale

The fabulous colors and flavors of Mediterranean cuisine are thriving in the Arizona desert with the arrival of Trattoria Locale, a tapas-style dinner menu at the Double U Café at Canyon Ranch in Tucson.

“We know that the Mediterranean regional diet is a healthy one, and in Canyon Ranch kitchens we’ve been adhering to the Mediterranean philosophy for years,” says Corporate Chef Scott Uehlein. “Now we’re really bringing the feel and the flavors home to our guests.”

Now & Zen

Sometimes you have to leave your everyday life to get a full view of all your responsibilities – and learn you can manage it all. Linda B. of Seattle came to Canyon Ranch for a stress-free respite far from home where she felt pulled in too many directions. Mom of 6-year-old twins, owner of a successful catering business, wife of a busy executive and caregiver for her ailing widowed mother, Linda was burned out and exhausted.

Nurturing Your Soul

When a child is inspired to put crayon to paper for the first time, she’s exhibiting a uniquely human quality. “Creative expression is very powerful,” says Stephanie Ludwig, PhD, MA, MDiv, Spiritual Wellness Director at Canyon Ranch. “Through it, we become co-creators of the universe.”

Only the Best

Any finicky chef with sophisticated palates to please will tell you it’s no easy task to locate reliable sources of the freshest, high-quality animal protein for a daily menu. Now, imagine you’re Scott Uehlein, Corporate Chef at Canyon Ranch, a world-class health resort with a reputation as a nutrition-savvy foodie’s heaven. Quite the challenge!

Pathways to Health & Joy

 LEC: Enhancing Lives for 25 Years

In metaphysics, a vortex is defined as a high-energy spot on Earth where healing and spiritual insight are concentrated. 

Planting A Seed For Health

health programs

Want to get people excited about the natural world and healthy eating? Plant a seed.

That’s the concept behind CRI Healthy Garden, a program bringing open spaces and cooperative gardening to urban settings – starting with Savannah and the South Bronx.

Practical Tips for Type A Guys

Michael F., age 48, arrived at Canyon Ranch in Lenox for the first time in an impressive state of exhaustion. He’d been plucked suddenly from his routine, which included global travel at least half the time, more business meetings than seemed possible, the responsibility of running a major corporation, and a long-term 24/7 relationship with his BlackBerry. The serenity of the Ranch environment, a lack of urgency, and the notion that life could exist at a slower pace were a shock at first.

Preventing Bone Loss

Even if you’re in your 20s, it’s not too early to start thinking about bone loss.

Rabbi at the Ranch

Family, Traditions & You

Rabbi Sherre Hirsch is a great fan of nurturing relationships away from the busy schedules and interruptions of home life. For her, Canyon Ranch has been the perfect retreat. She says her first visit with her mother was unforgettable.

Ready for a Grand Challenge

Grand Canyon Hike with Canyon Ranch Outdoor Sports Director

There are some things in life that are worth tremendous effort – and are not possible without it. The famous rim-to-rim Grand Canyon hike would be at the top of many outdoor enthusiasts’ lists. The enormous physical feat is equaled only by the inspiring beauty, pure exhilaration and sense of accomplishment that comes with the experience. Are you up for it?


health and wellness programs

Packed with healthy omega-3 fats from avocados and a splash of vitamin C from citrus, this recipe is one you’ll want to make again and again. The Latin Spice Rub adds an extra kick of flavor and a boost of antioxidant nutrition.

Watch Canyon Ranch Corporate Chef Scott Uehlein prepare this fantastic recipe – then try it yourself!


Canyon Ranch Recipe Apple Cranberry Salmon Salad

Salmon is more than a crowd pleaser – it’s rich in heart-healthy omega 3 fats. The seasonal berries and apples in this dish add distinctive flavor plus vitamin C, fiber and disease-fighting antioxidants. You can marinate the salmon in your favorite teriyaki or Mongolian BBQ sauce, or whip up our delicious Canyon Ranch version.


Super Salmon

High in inflammation-fighting omega-3s, salmon is a delicious and healthy alternative to steak, and sure to please man-size appetites. Look for wild red or sockeye salmon, a sustainable choice. For a quick lunch, substitute canned salmon for canned solid tuna, which can be high in mercury.

Watch Canyon Ranch Corporate Chef Scott Uehlein prepare this fantastic recipe – then try it yourself!


Relax & Savor Every Bite

One great way to relax is to prepare a good meal, then sit down to enjoy it – mindfully and in no hurry. This delicious salmon recipe includes many of the ingredients that help you de-stress.

Watch Canyon Ranch Corporate Chef Scott Uehlein make this yummy recipe. He’s always got great tips and techniques to share!


Healthy Hearty Eats for the Big Game

Buffalo Chicken Salad

Salon & Spa

If you haven’t visited our Salon in Tucson recently, or experienced a two-by-two service, you’ll be thrilled by our recent renovations.

The Salon has undergone a fabulous face-lift. Created with much personal involvement by Canyon Ranch Founder Enid Zuckerman, the new design was a labor of love – encompassing everything from immaculate blond cabinetry to new flooring, attractive displays and lighting, and subtle decorative touches to enhance your beauty experience.


You’ve just come home from a long, stressful day, and all you want to do is relax. Are you really hungry? Maybe not, but a bag of chips would be great about now. Or, wait, maybe that cake you like …

Sense & Sensuality

Humans were built for sensuality. It’s why we have our five senses. We have one thousand nerve receptors for every square inch of skin. It shows we need to be touched.

Set Sail with Canyon Ranch

One of you wants to see the world, the other is addicted to yoga and cross-training. And you both love a pampering massage now and then. You’re in luck!

Get ready to experience the best of both worlds: This spring, Canyon Ranch expanded its SpaClub® at Sea venture in a new partnership with Celebrity Cruises®, a recognized leader in the cruise industry.

Setting Up Your Home Gym

Advice from an expert
Is a home gym really for you? Here’s what we learned from Reba Schecter, M.S., P.T., an exercise physiologist and physical therapist at Canyon Ranch in Lenox.

Snapshot – Lenox

Fall in love with Lenox

What could be better than autumn in New England? Enjoy every colorful possibility at Canyon Ranch in Lenox. Hike through stunning foliage, paddle a canoe on a perfect lake, breathe in the crisp air and enjoy all the seasonal pleasures in our healthy slice of paradise.


Tucson, Arizona

Ahhh, Summer in the Desert

SpaClub at The Homestead

Mineral Springs Plus Spa Treatments – at The Homestead!

Hot mineral springs … ahhh! The very thought of those soft, healing waters makes your muscles start to relax.

SpaClub Las Vegas

Oasis in Vegas

You’re ready for a getaway, but what will it be – an exciting city with plenty of nightlife or a peaceful haven where you can feel utterly relaxed and rejuvenated?

SpaClub® at Sea

Canyon Ranch Sets Sail on Riviera

Welcome to the Newest Ship in the Oceania Cruises Line

Spirit of the West

You won’t find a more inspirational setting than the Sonoran Desert. Its stunning scenery and the healing traditions of the native tribes who first lived here give this place an enduring power. Surrounded by pure serenity and natural wonders, many guests take the opportunity to look inward and explore their relationships with nature and the world.


The word “spirituality” gets tossed around casually in conversation and in the media, but how closely would your definition of it match your neighbor’s, your colleague’s or even your best friend’s?

Many people are vague when it comes to describing spirituality. Religious life has a spiritual element, yet many nonreligious people also live rich spiritual lives.

Spirituality At The Ranch - Then & Now

spirituality wellness spa


These were the first words founders Mel and Enid Zuckerman said when they discovered the Tucson property in 1978 – and it’s been like that ever since.

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Learn, Discover, Enjoy

Canyon Ranch iPad Apps
If you have an iPad, you can access Canyon Ranch expertise wherever you go with three exciting new healthy living apps, now available for download.

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Canyon Ranch Consult hour on Sirius XM

Tune in for a radio program with top Ranch professionals hosted by Gary Frost, PhD. On January 18, on Sirius XM Stars, noon to 1 p.m. EST, our integrative panel of experts – including Cindy Geyer, MD, nutritionist Chrissy Wellington and exercise physiologist Mike Siemens – will share their wisdom and advice concerning women’s health issues and weight loss. Plus, you’ll have the chance to participate by contributing your questions during the live broadcast.

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Products & Services That Help You Bring Canyon Ranch Home

Strong & Sculpted DVD

Enjoy effective exercise routines led by Canyon Ranch experts. DVDs are available in Barnes & Noble and at, or call the Ranch Store: 520-749-4100.

The Hunter/Farmer Diet Solution
by Mark Liponis, M.D.

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Products & services that help you bring Canyon Ranch home

Canyon Ranch DVDs help you stay fit & healthy

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Canyon Ranch is a luxury spa resort

wellness retreats

If you plan to return often to Canyon Ranch, consider Membership. Ten-year Membership is available in Tucson; or seven years in Lenox.

Steak Recipe

Steak Recipe Canyon Ranch

Chimichurri Sauce
¼ cup chopped Italian parsley
⅓ cup extra-virgin olive oil
2 tablespoons water
2 tablespoons minced shallots
2 tablespoons minced garlic
1 tablespoon red wine vinegar
1 teaspoon dried oregano
½ teaspoon sea salt

Stepping Outside the Box

We all fall into ruts sometimes, and Canyon Ranch is a great place to go wild and wander off the old track. Some of our favorite guys can attest to that. If you associate Jude McCarthy solely with intense sports, can’t picture Mark Liponis, MD, without his stethoscope, or think of Jeff Dolgan as a strictly ex-phys guy, prepare to be surprised:

Students, Life & Stress

Whether you’re busy with a career, raising a family, running a household or a conglomerate or just dealing with the constant demands of daily living, it’s easy to look back at school days as a simpler, more carefree time. Or not. Think about 16-year-old Russell Brown of Overland Park, Kansas, for example.

Take Note - Group Getaways



Share the healthy getaway of a lifetime with family, friends or colleagues.

September 2011

Tasty & Gluten-Free

Sensitivity to the gluten in wheat, rye and barley is one of the most challenging food sensitivities to manage, and it’s quite common. As a result, “Do you have gluten-free options at Canyon Ranch?” is one of the questions we’re most frequently asked by our guests with personal dietary needs. “Yes!” is the answer.

Tech Words Made Simple

Dropbox – a system that lets you create a file on one computer and open it from another. Your memoir, wedding plans or other documents are saved in the “cloud,” so you always have access to them and can allow access to the people you choose.

The Healthy Foodie

healthy vacations

The Sensational ’70s were abuzz with exciting movements in popular culture – the far-out fashions, the innovative music, the iconoclastic films, the explosive politics! But food trends, at least in the U.S., fell somewhat short of memorable. Let’s just call it “The Decade of Ranch Dressing” and leave it at that.

The Next Generation of Healthy

Vacationing with teens can be a challenge.

Chances are that what you enjoy on vacation may not resonate with the younger set. For a young person's view of the Canyon Ranch experience, we spoke to some teens about their family stays at the Tucson and Lenox resorts. Some arrived unsure what to expect, but all agreed that they discovered boundless opportunities for fun and individual exploration.

The Other Side of You

It may be your last lingering thought as you drift into a restless sleep. Or it may manifest as a background hum, always present, whether you’re closing a deal, commuting to work, or conquering the world on the Stairmaster.

The Power of Animals

There’s a prescription-free treatment that improves your health and makes you feel better in mind and spirit. Lucky us! It comes in many varieties, including furry, feathery and scaly.

Research shows that pets and other animals can reduce blood pressure, loneliness and stress and increase self-esteem. Gazing at fish in a tank is soothing and can lower blood pressure. Walking a dog provides exercise, and extends your social connections when you stop and chat with other dog walkers.

The SpaClub Experience

On Land  |  At Sea  |  In the Mountains

Escaping for a few hours or a whole day for a rejuvenating SpaClub® experience is the perfect complement to your travels. You can enjoy a satisfying taste of Canyon Ranch in fast-paced Las Vegas, on magnificent luxury ships and amid the rich mineral springs and mountain scenery of Hot Springs, Virginia.

At every SpaClub location, you’ll find unsurpassed spa services, beauty treatments, workout facilities, fitness classes and expertise, wholesome cuisine and the energizing environment of Canyon Ranch. 

Think Big, Dream Big

What’s your secret wish – and how do you make it real?

think big, dream big

To the Ends of the Earth

Canyon Ranch professionals scour the globe for greater knowledge, new ideas, fresh perspective & ongoing renewal.

Karen Allison

Un-Plugged and Loving it

Q&A with John Shukwit, MA, LPC,
Life Management therapist/coach
at Canyon Ranch in Tucson

John Shukwit was into mindfulness before it was cool. And he unplugged way before “unplugging” became the buzzword among hipsters.

Vices, Virtues & Choice

You released the genie from his bottle and now he’ll grant you a wish: Your favorite vice will turn into a virtue...

Would you choose the transformation of an irresistible confection, lattes topped with whipped cream but free of all calories, or some other deep-secret guilty pleasure?

We're Going Global

destination resorts

Imagine a tropical island escape and a healthy Canyon Ranch getaway. Enjoy both in one dreamy destination when Canyon Ranch opens its first health resort outside the United States in 2016.

Canyon Ranch Bintan


Healthy Relationship with Food

“Does anyone still think it’s all about the weight?”

Wellness at Home

Building Your Home Health Team

It all seems so easy at Canyon Ranch: You meet with a physician in the morning and a nutritionist in the afternoon. The next day you might have a session with a movement therapist or talk with a behavioral expert. Everyone is right here for you, and they work as a team on your behalf. When you leave, you take home a detailed plan and sincere commitment. So, how do you find professional support at home to help you stay on track?

What Is It?

Do you recognize any of these state-of-the art kitchen gadgets of the 20th century? Take your best guess! Find the answers below.


Answers to Quiz:

1. Citrus press
2. Pie trimmer/sealer
3. Knife sharpener
4. Vegetable peeler with French cutter
5. Apple peeler/corer
6. Mandoline
7. Dutch oven

What's New

all inclusive spa resorts Tucsonand Lenox

In the 35-year history of the Ranch, we’ve offered hundreds of amazing treatments and services. And there’s always something new and exciting to delight even the most Ranch-savvy guest. Here are a few recent additions to the new Guide to Services at each resort.


Tap into your inner resources and feel the joy.

What's New at the Ranch

Tucson Dining Room Makeover

by Enid Zuckerman, Canyon Ranch Founder

When you come to Canyon Ranch, we want every part of your experience to feel like home. Maybe even better! That’s why I’m so proud of our recent dining room renovations in Tucson. It’s never been more beautiful or welcoming, and it took a village to do it!

When It's Time to Power Down

Technology, with all the amazing benefits it brings to our lives – convenience, connectivity, efficiency, advances in medicine – also exacts a mighty toll in terms of stress. When talk turns to the advantages of turning off your smartphone and laptop for a while, Ann Pardo invites us to examine the metaphor of “unplugging.”

“It’s interesting when you think about what popularized the term – it was when rock musicians unplugged their instruments and discovered it was possible to make some beautiful music.”

Who Knew?

by Enid Zuckerman,
Canyon Ranch Founder

Who knew that we would enter the third act of our lives with the world changing at such a fast pace – and that in some ways we are managing to keep up with it!

Who knew that we would be staying in touch through electronics?

Winter 2013

Your Personal Health Maintenance Plan
Your Personal Health Maintenance Plan | Winter 2013 | Volume 32 | Issue 1

Working With Your Genes

Canyon Ranch Diane Downing, MD

If heart disease, diabetes, cancer or other diseases are prominent in your family tree, is your future health predestined? Just imagine if you could simply flip a switch to minimize your risk of hereditary illnesses.

In a way, you can, says Diane Downing, MD, of Canyon Ranch in Tucson. You may have a gene predisposing you to a particular health condition, but the key factor is whether it’s turned on or off, she explains. “Our genes are not our destiny.”

Your Body On Stress

Stress vs. Dis-Stress

Human beings are designed to handle stress. It helps us stay sharp, focused, alert and able to react quickly in times of danger.

Your Healthiest Summer Glow Starts from Within

Are you ready for summer? You know – that time of year when you run out of excuses to hide behind those layers of outerwear and are forced to give up the goods. When called upon to flash the flesh at the beach and poolside, you’ll want your skin to look its best.

Summer has its own set of rules when it comes to keeping skin healthy and hydrated, says Laura Hittleman, Canyon Ranch Corporate Beauty Services Director.