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Member Preferred Group Insurance Plans

Nationwide Wealth Management LLC helps Owners & Members protect their wealth from mortality risk by designing, implementing, and administering life insurance portfolios. NWM provides objective and innovative solutions with a goal to reduce costs, minimize risk and improve policy performance.

NWM’s unique product offering includes utilization of a tax strategy that transforms ordinary taxable income and capital gains into tax-free income without any income reporting requirements. This is accomplished through the implementation of a private placement chassis on your investment portfolio. Your qualified financial advisor can continue to manage the diversified portfolio.

We offer exclusive complementary review and analysis of:

  • Personal and Business Life Insurance Policies
  • Annuities
  • Disability and Long-Term Care

The Offer

Canyon Ranch Owners & Members are eligible for:

  • Concierge level application process
  • Minimal financial disclosure
  • Expedited underwriting
  • Complimentary annual reviews
  • Partner relationships with all premier highly rated insurance carriers
  • Access to institutionally priced proprietary products
Redemption Information

For more information or to inquire about the program,
please contact: 

Michael Crawford CFP® CLU® ChFC®
Elizabeth A. Keenan, Partner 
Nationwide Wealth Management, LLC