Partner Offers

Q. How do I sign up for these offers?
A. Each Partner has its own page with information and instructions to activate its offer (click on Partner Offers to access these pages). This gives you a direct-to-partner relationship. Canyon Ranch will not be involved in your offer activation or transaction.

Q. Can I call Canyon Ranch Membership or Reservations for information?
A. The Partners are the best avenues for information about their offers, and contact information can be found on each Partner page. Canyon Ranch has negotiated these offers for you through our Partnership Development Department; Membership and Reservations are not directly involved in this program.

Q. How long do these offers last?
A. Each Partner offer has its own valid dates; please refer to the Redemption information on each Partner’s page.

Q. Are there going to be more offers?
A. Yes, our intention is to update and add new offers to the program. We will keep you posted via email!

Q. Do I need to show my Membership card to activate these offers?
A. Generally, no. If your card is required, the Partner will specify this in the Redemption section of its page.

Q. Who can I send suggestions and comments to?
A. Canyon Ranch Membership would love to hear your feedback! Please call Memberships or email ownermember@canyonranch.com.

Canyon Ranch News & Updates

Q. Can I go to any of the events listed in the calendar?
A. Please visit the website link for each event. Some will be open to the public, while others are exclusively for Canyon Ranch Owners & Members