New Approaches to Weight Management

4-night stay or longer

Learn how to reach and maintain a healthy weight for life

Losing weight – and maintaining a healthy weight – depends on developing and implementing a weight-management program based on your personality, body chemistry, food preferences, lifestyle and physiology.

Let our professional team help create the best take-home program for you. Together you’ll create a plan you can follow with pleasure and confidence.

In addition to the services included in your Canyon Ranch stay, your New Approaches to Weight Management package includes pre-arrival interviews, a wrap-up session with a Nurse Educator and the following:

  • Initial consultation with a Nurse Educator and Program Advisor
  • 25-minute physician consultation

  • DEXA Body Composition
Resting Metabolic Rate measurement
  • Metabolic Exercise Assessment

  • Two Nutrition consultations

  • Two Healthy Lifestyle consultations

You’ll return home ready for a lifetime of healthy eating, fitness and joyful living.

Service Option 
$2,230 package fee (in addition to the cost of your stay)