Sound Therapy

Sound moves us and colors our experience in every moment of our lives. Science has shown that specially designed recordings and sound equipment can gently and powerfully put the brain into a range of optimal states. Our neuroacoustic massage tables allow you to both hear and feel relaxation-inducing sound as you receive therapeutic body work. You deserve this experience.

Mindlink Relaxation Therapy

The ultimate in relaxation. Experience perfect harmony as you receive a soothing massage on our sound tables and your brainwaves resonate to a profoundly relaxing soundscape. You can even experience this unique therapy with someone you care about on paired sound tables with two therapists – you’ll resonate to the same frequency as you experience the same luscious massage. 50 or 80 minutes.

  • Sun-Thurs $190/270
    Fri-Sat $200/280
Sole Relexology

Find release for every last iota of tension as you enjoy a deeply relaxing and balancing foot massage while bathed in sound that coaxes the brain into a serene, buoyant state. What could be lovelier? Find your bliss on your own or side-by-side with a loved one. 50 minutes.

  • Sun-Thurs $190
    Fri-Sat $200