Restorative Touch Therapies

Touch therapies feel wonderful and are perhaps the oldest form of healing known to man.  In the last decades research has documented the profound effects of body work right down to the cellular level. You can explore therapies designed to assist in the correction of soft-tissue pain and postural alignment, or those that approach your well-being and comfort via a more spiritual path. It’s all good.

Winter Bliss Massage

Indulge in our signature Canyon Ranch Massage, enhanced with a healing and luxurious blend of essential oils including cranberry, juniper berry, balsam fir, jojoba and avocado oils. This luxurious treatment is designed to rejuvenate body and mind, leaving you in a state of complete relaxation … and total winter bliss. 50 minutes.

This seasonal service is available through January 31, 2015.

  • Sun-Thurs $165
    Fri-Sat $175
Canyon Ranch Massage

Indulgent and uniquely relaxing, our signature massage stimulates circulation and soothes tight muscles. Our gifted therapists adapt their eclectic techniques to your particular needs and preferences, so you enjoy the body work that's right for you. Tension dissolves, leaving only comfort and well-being behind. 50, 80 or 110 minutes.

  • Sun-Thurs $155/235/315
    Fri-Sat $165/245/325
Canyon Stone Massage

The healing power of the earth is in your therapist's hands as smooth, rounded basalt stones are gently heated then lubricated with oil and used to persuade even the tightest muscles to let go completely. The warm, soothing weight and radiant heat of the stones, combined with therapeutic essential oil, penetrates muscle tissue inducing deep relaxation. 80 or 110 minutes.

  • Sun-Thurs $255/345
    Fri-Sat $265/355
Authentic Aromatherapy Treatment

Enjoy an all-natural, sense-seducing escape from the everyday world. Clinical research has shown that fragrant essential oils of biochemically active plants have effects on body and mind that are both subtle and profound. Experience the potent natural magic of pure botanical essences, combined with caring, therapeutic touch.
50 or 80 minutes.

  • Sun-Thurs $165/255
    Fri-Sat $175/265
Deep Tissue Thermal Therapy

Stimulate and invigorate muscles and release tension with this deep, focused massage and therapeutic bath. Designed to release tight, fatigued muscles and joints, this specialized service involves deep-tissue techniques to ease and open taut muscle tissue and disperse toxins. A therapeutic-grade mustard and Dead Sea salt bath speeds muscle recovery and aids healing. 80 minutes for localized area; 110 minutes for full-body massage.

  • Sun-Thurs $265/365
    Fri-Sat $275/375
Deep Tissue Massage

This treatment is recommended for those who regularly receive massages and who enjoy intense body work. Specialized, focused techniques reach deep muscle layers and address points of attachment as well as the belly of the muscles. Because these techniques tend to be slow and coordinated with deep breathing, just two or three areas can be thoroughly addressed in a 50-minute massage.
For a full-body massage, please allow 80 or 110 minutes.

  • Sun-Thurs $175/265/365
    Fri-Sat $185/275/375
Muscle Melt for "Road Warriors"

Unwind completely with a treatment developed by the people of Thailand to ease aches and pains of warriors returning from battle. Warm herbal pouches are firmly pressed into muscles to ease and melt aches and pains out of every inch of your body. Traditional Thai massage with lemongrass oil releases any lingering tension, resulting in a calmer state of mind and a body that's ready to go out and conquer the world. (The pressure of this massage will be altered to suit your body's needs.) 80 or 110 minutes.

  • Sun-Thurs $260/360
    Fri-Sat $270/370
In-Suite or In-Residence Massage

Enjoy a massage in the comfort of your suite as we bring the Spa to you. 50, 80 or 110 minutes.

  • Sun-Thurs $235/340/465
    Fri-Sat $245/350/475
Special Needs

Ask a Program Advisor about massages to meet your needs.

  • fees vary