Ayurvedic Body Rituals

Ayurveda (eye-yur-VAY-duh), derived from the Sanskrit words for “life” and “knowledge” is the traditional healing system of India – one of the world’s oldest. The holistic practices of ayurveda, which encompass diet, yoga and body treatments, are rooted in the idea that body, mind and spirit must be balanced if the individual is to achieve longevity and the highest degree of health. Your therapist will determine your dosha (mental and physical constitution) and recommend treatments and products to restore balance.


This specialized massage from India combines touch therapy with transdermal aromatherapy. Fragrant essential oils, chosen to balance your dosha (constitution), are applied with light pressure to marmas – according to ayurvedic thought, energy points on the skin where your subconscious mind communicates with your body. When stimulated, these doorways send messages to internal organs and vital functions of the body. Profoundly relaxing and balancing. Twice the bliss: Four-Handed Abhyanga (two therapists).
50 or 80 minutes.

  • Sun-Thurs
    $175/265 1 therapist
    $335/515 2 therapists
    $185/275 1 therapist
    $345/525 2 therapists
Ayurvedic Herbal Purification

The ultimate in body and mind purification, this treatment facilitates the removal of toxins. Following dry skin-brushing using a soft, natural-bristle brush, your skin is deeply cleansed using an herbal paste to draw out impurities while revitalizing skin. This is followed by a full-body Abhyanga massage using purifying oils. You'll conclude with your choice of personalized steam or herbal bath. 140 minutes.

  • Sun-Thurs $455
    Fri-Sat $465
Ayurvedic Herbal Rejuvenation

Get the glow of health. This relaxing, healing treatment begins with an application of a warm, exfoliating body mask, followed by a full-body massage with warm, herb-infused oils selected for your constitution. The powerful combination of herbs and oils cleanses, detoxifies and nourishes skin. This treatment also soothes the immune system and eases stress.
80 or 100 minutes (longer treatment includes Shirodhara).

  • Sun-Thurs $270/340
    Fri-Sat $280/350

A classic ayurvedic herbal hair and scalp treatment designed to induce a meditative state. The therapist directs a warm, gentle stream of oil onto the forehead, restoring calm to the mind while soothing the senses. The oil nourishes the hair and scalp. 20 minutes (available as an enhancement to most body treatments and massages) or 50 minutes (includes scalp massage).

  • Sun-Thurs $170, add-on $80
    Fri-Sat $180, add-on $90
Svedhana Herbal Steam Treatment

This exquisite ayurvedic ritual bathes body and spirit in healing warmth and the benefits of fragrant essential oils. Relax totally as you soak up a soothing ayurvedic oleation and a full-body exfoliation. Then receive a luscious scalp massage while you're enveloped from the neck down in aromatherapeutic steam. Svedhana (sway-dah-nah) removes deep-seated toxins, warms muscles, relieves heaviness due to bloating and improves the radiance of the skin. And it feels fantastic. 50 minutes.

  • Sun-Thurs $175
    Fri-Sat $185