Massage Therapy & Body Treatments

Massage Therapy & Body Treatments

Your active days become whole as you balance them with healing, re-energizing treatments. Vanquish stress, open unexpected pathways to healing and reward your much-deserving muscles as you soothe your soul. With therapies such as the Muscle Melt for “Road Warriors,” Thai Massage, Shirodhara, and De-Stress Chakra Ritual, you’ll discover the perfect way to touch all your senses and feel more at one with yourself. These are powerful treatments, to be sure, yet each one feels like a delightful treat.

Follow these tips to get maximum enjoyment and rejuvenation from your massage.

These sessions are perfect for couples, friends or family members who want treatments together as two therapists use side-by-side tables.

Touch therapies feel wonderful and are perhaps the oldest known form of healing.

Each of these therapies is a healing adventure for your body.

Mothers-to-be and new moms need nurturing, too.

Experience the healthy indulgence of a pampering, multi-treatment ceremony carefully orchestrated for your pleasure.

Ayurveda is the traditional healing system of India – one of the world’s oldest.

You’ll emerge from any of these indulgent treats relaxed and serene, with velvety, glowing skin.

Our neuroacoustic massage tables allow you to both hear and feel relaxation-inducing sound as you receive therapeutic body work.