Smoking Cessation

Five-Night Package 
Science has shown that adopting new health behaviors is easier when they are addressed from multiple vantage points. This health package is designed to help you become free of the habit of smoking once and for all.

Note: Unless specified, consultations, services and phone follow-ups are 50 minutes.

Your Smoking Cessation program includes:

  • Pre-arrival interview with our nurse
  • 80-minute personalized consultation with a physician, plus post-departure phone follow-up
  • Lab testing, including:
    - Expanded blood panel
    - Inflammatory markers
    - Heart-Rate Variability testing
    - Lung function testing
  • Rx for Exercise
  • Two consultations with a Life Management therapist
  • Three 50-minute Comprehensive Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Consultations
  • 80-minute Healing Energy session
  • Consultation with a nutritionist, plus 25-minute post-departure phone follow-up
Service Option 
$1,800 package fee (in addition to the cost of your stay)