Mini Health Experiences

2-Night Health Experiences

Every Canyon Ranch Hotel & Spa getaway ensures the ultimate luxury vacation – and offers the opportunity for something more. With a stay of just two or more nights, you can enhance the experience with a meaningful exploration of your health. It’s a chance to focus on what matters most to you, and learn how to feel your absolute best for life.

In a package of thoughtfully selected consultations and services, you’ll work with top specialists who help you address your area of interest. Your schedule will make the most of even a brief visit, and you’ll take home invaluable information, inspiration and the tools to pursue your personal goals.


In the clean and healthy Canyon Ranch environment, start to clear out the many toxins of daily life that can cause fatigue, weight gain, lack of clarity and other unwanted effects.

  • Consultation with physician – set a healthier course – 50 min
  • Consultation with nutritionist – eat with healthy intentions – 50 min
  • Ayurveda Herbal Purification – mind and body purification treatment – 140 min
  • Detox Body Wrap – soothing, therapeutic and effective – 50 min
  • 2 large detoxifying drinks/day

$1,200 – 2-night minimum


Relieve tension quickly and learn to stress less. You’ll go home feeling new and refreshed.

  • Acupuncture – to immediately create calm – 50 min
  • Healing Energy – to deepen relaxation – 50 min
  • Mindlink Relaxation Therapy – soothing massage with a relaxing soundscape – 50 min
  • Meditation Personal Training – letting go to be in the moment.
  • Videos of guided meditations

$750 – 2-night minimum


Discover your current bone health, and consult with the experts on how to improve or maintain your status naturally.

  • DEXA Body Composition – state-of-the-art scan for detailed evaluation
  • Consultation with exercise physiologist – strategies for stronger bones – 50 min
  • Consultations with nutritionist – learn to eat for bone health – 50 min
  • Consultation with physician – health goals and planning – 25 min

$1,200 – 2-night minimum


Learn the uncomplicated truth about how to lose weight and keep it off through healthy living.

  • DEXA Body Composition – full scan for lean body mass and fat distribution
  • Metabolic Exercise Assessment – measures aerobic fitness & calories burned – Two 50-min sessions
  • Consultation with fitness expert – setting exercise strategies – 50 min
  • Consultation with nutritionist – eating for long-term results
  • Consultation with physician – healthy weight loss planning – 50 min

$1,200 – 2-night minimum


Escape the constant busy-ness that can deplete you, sap your creativity, reduce your effectiveness and spoil your mood. This is a chance for real recharge.

  • Guided Meditation – leading you to serenity – 30 min
  • Acupuncture or Healing Energy – choose your revitalizing experience – 50 min
  • Consultation with nutritionist – learn to energize through diet – 50 min
  • Abhyanga – a massage that restores balance and vitality – 50 min

$750 – 2-night minimum


Take your intimacy to an entirely new level of meaning and pleasure.

  • Royal Body Ceremony – a ritual including full-body scrubs and Javanese massage, ending with mutual application of purifying muds – 125 min
  • Couples session – a Canyon Ranch expert helps you envision and achieve your goals – 50 min
  • Energy work – life-enhancing wellness service – 50 min
  • Medical consultation – professional assessment of hormone levels – 50 min

$1,200 – 2-night minimum


Prepare for this beautiful life transition by focusing on you, your relationship and the future.

  • Prenatal massage – exactly what the mom-to-be needs – 80 min
  • Canyon Ranch Massage – for the other expectant parent, who also needs love! – 80 min
  • Breathing & Meditation session – mindful techniques to foster calm – 50 min
  • Nutrition consultation – personal guidance for baby and family – 50 min
  • Life Management consultation – expert guidance for navigating the changes ahead – 50 min
  • A Babymoon Gift Basket with surprises for you and your baby

$1,200 – 2-night minimum



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