Our Experts


Our teams of physicians and registered nurses have unrivaled expertise in preventive medicine, integrative medicine and healthy lifestyle change. Their use of advanced diagnostics and exhaustive patient assessment is cutting-edge, and they are uniquely experienced in working with experts in other healing disciplines to design personalized healthy living plans. Our physicians have the time to get to know guests’ health histories and concerns in detail, and to work with them collaboratively, as active participants in their own health care.

Karen Koffler, M.D.

Exercise Physiologists

The Canyon Ranch Exercise Physiology team includes some of the most gifted and highly qualified exercise experts anywhere. All have a master’s degree in their field, one has a Ph.D. and another is dual-qualified as a physical therapist. They have many additional certifications in areas such as Burdenko, aquatic therapy, McKenzie self-treatment and more. They are experts in advanced methods of assessment and training, and can design exercise regimens to fit anyone’s goals, preferences and limitations. They are able to inspire guests to get moving and keep moving.

Jeff Dolgan, M.S., C.S.C.S., H.F.I.


Canyon Ranch nutritionists all have either a master’s degree in their field, are Registered Dietitians, or have both qualifications. They have a profound understanding of the science of nutrition and stay current with new research findings. They have a passion for; helping guests design practical, personalized nutritional strategies for concerns such as healthy weight loss, preventing or managing chronic disease, eating for energy, eating well while on the road and feeding healthy families.

Larisa Alonso, M.S., L.N., R.D.N.