Specialty Services

Let us assist you with pain relief.
Mckenzie Movement Prescription

If you experience lower back pain or sciatica, neck, hip, knee or other joint pain – or just feel very stiff – you can benefit from mechanical assessment and an exercise prescription based on the pioneering McKenzie method of self-treatment. In this two-part consultation with a specially trained physical therapist, you will receive extensive education on your problem as well as treatment and prevention methods. You will learn how to free yourself from pain. Dress for exercise.

Part I – Your pain history, range of motion and symptoms are assessed by a McKenzie therapist. A customized exercise is given and improvements are usually experienced in minutes. 50 minutes.

Part II – Your progress is evaluated 24 to 48 hours later, for further customization of your program. 25 minutes.

  • $275 for Parts I and II
Targeted Pain Relief

Do you have pain or a problem with the function and range of motion in a joint or muscle? Have you been injured? Do you have a question about how exercise or sports may affect a medical condition? Our physical therapist evaluates your condition using your history and targeted physical examination, provides therapy and directs you to the activities and services that will best restore your body to normal mechanics.

  • $175 for 50 minutes
Good Posture For Life
Your posture affects how you think and feel and how others perceive you. Good posture is an expression of intrinsic confidence and grace, and it prevents muscular tightness and pain. In this session, your posture and gait are assessed and you receive practical tips and simple movements to practice at home. The result: more comfort, less tension, deeper breathing, greater mental clarity and a new spring in your step.
  • $175 for 50 minutes