Integrative Pain Management

Three- and Five-Night Packages
If you live with chronic pain, consider this integrative assessment by the Canyon Ranch health team as a “new set of eyes” evaluating the root of your discomfort and offering you a second opinion and strategies to address it. This package may be appropriate for back and neck pain, joint painsports injuries, chronic ailments, tension and migraine headaches.

Note: Unless specified, consultations, services and phone follow-ups are 50 minutes.

Your Three-Night Health Package includes:

  • Pre-arrival interview with our nurse
  • 80-minute personalized consultation with a physician
  • McKenzie Movement Prescription
  • Consultation with a Life Management therapist for psychological assessment and coping skills
  • Comprehensive Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Consultation
  • Consultation with a nutritionist
  • Integrative team discussion

Your Five-Night Health Package includes:

  • 80-minute personalized consultation with a physician, plus 25-minute post-departure phone follow-up
  • Two sessions of McKenzie Movement Prescription and 25-minute follow-up post-departure
  • Two consultations with a Life Management therapist for psychological assessment, coping skills and mindfulness training
  • 80-minute Comprehensive Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Consultation, plus follow-up
  • Nutritional evaluation
  • Consultation with an exercise physiologist to define personalized fitness program
  • Healing Energy session
  • Mind-Body Private Training – Meditation

Additional recommendations may be made to address personal health issues.

  • $1,100 for three-night package
    $1,950 for five-night package
    package fees (in addition to the cost of your stay)