Healthy Weight For Life

Four-Night Package
An experienced team of Canyon Ranch specialists guides you through new approaches to diagnosis and treatment of weight problems. The latest clinical advances are available to help balance hormones and chemistry, and evaluate behavior that governs eating patterns and weight loss or gain. This approach goes far beyond the frenzy of high-carb/low-carb, high-fat/low-fat and other confusing diets and unlocks the door to healthy weight, increased energy and optimal aging. Support for your new, healthy patterns after your return home is included.

Note: Unless specified, consultations, services and phone follow-ups are 50 minutes.

Your Healthy Weight for Life package includes:

  • Pre-arrival interview with our nurse
  • 80-minute personalized consultation with a physician, summary and take-home planning consultation and 25-minute post-departure phone follow-up
  • Consultation with an exercise physiologist to define a personalized fitness program
  • Metabolic Exercise Assessment
  • Body Composition
  • Resting Metabolic Rate test to determine calories expended at rest
  • Lab testing, including:
    - Expanded blood panel
    - Inflammatory markers
    - Hormone testing
    - Adrenal stress testing
    - Food allergy/sensitivity testing
  • Consultation with a nutritionist, plus 50-minute post-departure phone follow-up
  • Two consultations with a Life Management therapist to strategize changes and assess efficacy
  • Integrative team discussion

Additional recommendations may be made to address personal health issues.

  • $3,500 package fee (in addition to the cost of your stay)