Address Your Stress

Four-Night Package
Sometimes stress motivates and challenges, but all too often it overwhelms and depletes. You can proactively develop “stress hardiness” by creating your own stress-management plan. In these sessions, you will gain insight into the foods, exercise, practices and thought patterns that can be effective in reducing stress. In this way, you’ll come to understand and gain mastery over your response to stress. 

Note: Unless specified, consultations, services and phone follow-ups are 50 minutes

Your Address Your Stress package includes:

  • 80-minute consultation with a physician, plus 25-minute post-departure phone follow-up
  • Comprehensive Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Consultation
  • Life Management consultation and 25-minute post-departure phone follow-up
  • Healing Energy session
  • Nutrition evaluation
  • Heart-Rate Variability test to assess stress hardiness
  • Integrative team discussion
  • Mind-Body Private Training
  • Lab testing, including:
     - Adrenal testing
     - Inflammatory markers
     - Expanded blood panel
     - Hormone testing

What your blood work can tell us about you …
Like many things in medicine, lab testing is evolving quickly. Canyon Ranch physicians have expertise in sophisticated, cutting-edge blood tests that can provide an indepth understanding of how your body is functioning well before the disease process begins.

Some examples:
Tests that reveal your genetic profile and its impact on your health; tests that evaluate your ability to metabolize toxins in the environment; tests that tell us about your tendency toward inflammation; and tests that reveal your adrenal and hormonal function.

Your Canyon Ranch physician will determine which tests are appropriate for you.
  • $1,800 package fee (in addition to the cost of your stay)