Health Packages

Canyon Ranch Health Packages are opportunities to explore and address your complete state of being at unparalleled depth. You’ll work with a team of integrative health professionals who together will assess and address your history, lifestyle, current state of health, and your goals, preferences and desires. You’ll receive a level of attention, thoroughness and convenience that is simply unobtainable elsewhere. All Health Packages include a comprehensive summary and personalized take-home plan.

An experienced team of Canyon Ranch specialists guides you through new approaches to diagnosis and treatment
of weight problems.

In these sessions, you will gain insight into the foods, exercise, practices and thought patterns that can be effective in reducing stress.

Work with an integrated team of Canyon Ranch health professionals to create a personalized plan to improve your health, fitness, nutrition, movement, stress management and creative expression

Take your annual check-up to an entirely new level of sophistication, thoroughness and follow-through with this state-of-the-art health assessment.

If you live with chronic pain, consider this integrative assessment by the Canyon Ranch health team as a “new set of eyes” evaluating the root of your discomfort and offering you a second opinion and strategies to address it.

This health package is designed to help you become free of the habit of smoking once and for all.