Executive Health Program in Miami Beach

Four-Night Package

Take your annual check-up to an entirely new level of sophistication, thoroughness and follow-through with this state-of-the-art health assessment.

Availability is limited; please book well in advance.

Corporate Medical Director Mark Liponis, MD, explains the program:

Your Executive Health Program includes:

  • Pre-arrival interviews with our nurse
  • Initial consultation with our nurse
  • 80-minute, comprehensive history and physical by your personal EHP physician, plus 25-minute post-departure phone follow-up with physician to review and summarize test results and recommendations
  • Nutrition consultation focused on your personal history and goals
  • Healthy Lifestyle consultation with a Life Management therapist
  • Extensive diagnostic testing, including:
    - Blood chemistry and CBC
    - Cholesterol testing, including particle size, homocysteine and lipoprotein
    - Iron stores
    - C-reactive protein
    - Male or female hormone panel
    - Full thyroid panel
    - Diabetes testing
    - Vitamin levels
    - Urinalysis
    - EKG and Cardiometabolic Stress Test
  • DEXA Body Composition
  • Exercise physiology consultation with review of Cardiometabolic Stress Test
  • Final 25-minute wrap-up session with your physician

Note: Unless specified, consultations, services and phone follow-ups are 50 minutes.

  • $3,500 package fee (in addition to the cost of your stay)