Health & Wellness Services in Miami Beach

Canyon Ranch is committed to a new paradigm of health and well-being, one that is comprehensive in scope and expansive in treatment options. Canyon Ranch programs and services are led by a team of integrative physicians and wellness professionals whose focus is a preventive approach to health. We offer a thoughtful, scientifically based synthesis of Eastern and Western perspectives and practices.

Our professionals search for the underlying cause of disorders and uncover the patterns that may be working to sustain or sabotage your ideal health. We’ll help you plan for the long term. Your personal map to wellness will be designed based on your history and cutting-edge laboratory data, and may include both natural and conventional treatments. Whether you book an appointment as part of a Health Package or as an individual consultation, you will find yourself inspired by new possibilities.

Canyon Ranch Health packages are opportunities to explore and address your complete state of being at unparalleled depth.

We can assist you with all your medical needs, from physician consultations to specialty and diagnostic services.

While energy medicine is relatively new to Western culture, in Asia the study of energetic structures is thousands of years old.

We help you become aware of inner resources that can help you optimize your health and outlook on life.

Understanding how you turn your food into the fuel that allows you to operate optimally makes wise (and delicious!) choices far easier.