On the Beach

We offer a variety of exhilarating complimentary fitness and mind-body classes on the beach. Please see This Week at Canyon Ranch for details.

Beach Boot Camp

Beach Boot Camps offer a fun outdoor option for strength and cardiovascular training in group, semi-private and private training experiences. Sessions are high in energy and require a strong spirit. Coaches challenge participants to reach new heights in their fitness levels. Classes can be completed with or without shoes. All levels.

  • Complimentary
Beach Walk

Enjoy the serenity of the Florida coastline. Guided beach walks travel north and south, offering guests a chance to either slow down and smell the seashells or to make tracks as they power-walk toward Bal Harbour or South Beach. All levels.

  • Complimentary
Castles in the Sand

Slow down and play in the surf as you make your masterpiece on the sand. Shovels and castle-building tools are provided as you let your imagination go. Experience the feeling of non-attachment as the tide washes it away back to the sea. All levels. Can be scheduled as a private session or group experience.

  • Complimentary