Mind-Body Connection

Find greater balance in life through personalized instruction in calming self-care practices from around the world.

Mind-Body Private Training

Would you like to establish a mind/body practice or enhance your current practice? Explore any of the following one-on-one or with up to five friends in a private class.

Meditation – A mind/body trainer teaches and leads you through techniques to develop your ability to let go and be in the moment.

Qi Gong – This gentle Chinese mind/body practice integrates physical movements, coordinated breathing, and meditation. A great tool for daily life.
Yoga – A skilled yoga teacher corrects or enhances your poses and provides tips on proper alignment, breathing and intention. 

  • $120 each for 50 minutes

Experience Kinesis,® a movement system that allows you to rediscover harmony between mind and body. The revolutionary Kinesis equipment is constructed with unique cables, grips and weight stacks that allow movements to be easy, natural and unrestricted. This technology enables you to move three-dimensionally to perform more than 500 natural, free-flowing motions. Kinesis trains muscular strength and endurance; it also improves balance, stability and flexibility. (Can be booked as a private training session or as a group activity for up to four people.) 

  • $120 for 50 minutes
Gyrotonic Expansion System

The Gyrotonic® method is a revolutionary system of exercise that unlocks the rejuvenating powers of the body. The Gyrotonic machine guides and supports the whole body through a series of spiraling and undulating movements designed to systematically open the joints, integrate the spine and strengthen the muscles. Using a set of universal organizing principles, complex full-body coordination becomes strong and natural. Gyrotonic exercises reawaken natural healthy movement patterns to rapidly improve posture, joint and muscle function, circulation, elimination of toxins and energy level. The Gyrotonic method can be used by people of all ages and levels of fitness to heal and prevent injuries, improve sport performance or in the spirit of joyfully exploring the vastness of human movement potential. 

  • $120 for 50 minutes

This famous mental and physical conditioning system uses specially designed equipment to strengthen and stretch the whole physique. It reshapes and aligns, builds true core strength, increases flexibility, improves posture and coordination, and promotes a healthy, focused mind. Everyone from athletes to individuals with chronic pain or limitations can benefit from expert instruction in Pilates.
(Group Pilates mat classes are complimentary; check This Week at Canyon Ranch for times.)

  • $120 for 50 minutes