Exercise Physiologists

No matter what your personal goals, you will benefit from a consultation with a caring Canyon Ranch exercise physiologist. Our staff of exercise physiologists – all of whom have at least a master’s degree in their field – is one of the best anywhere.

Their superb training, combined with the advanced assessment and training tools available at the Ranch, allows them to design and refine exercise programs for people at every level of fitness, from world-class athletes to people who have never been active and those with limitations.

Whether you prefer to work out on land or in the water, they can create a personalized take-home exercise plan that will work for you. Topics you can address with their help include:

  • Getting started with movement and exercise
  • Fine-tuning your fitness program
  • Agility and balance evaluation and training
  • Building a stronger back
  • Exercise programs for sore joints and other limitations
  • Exercise for weight loss and body definition